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DEUS is VENUS' first full album. It also features remastered tracks from their mini-album, ZEUS.

Album Information

Artist VENUS DEUS.jpg
Release Date 07/01/15
Catalog Number LC-2252 (Side [Y])
LC-2253 (Side [S])
Published by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Track List
Title From
01. Intro -DEUS- NEW
02. I・MA・SU・GU ALL RIGHT! -Extended Mix- REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper
03. EZ DO DANCE EZ DO DANCE (REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper)
04. Freedom -Extended Mix- REFLEC BEAT colette -All Seasons- (REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper)
05. FUJIMORI-祭-FESTIVAL -Extended Mix- REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! (REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper)
06. Chu☆Chu☆Tonight -Extended Mix- ZEUS (REFLEC BEAT colette -Autumn-)
07. Squeeze -Extended Mix- 熱闘! BEMANIスタジアム
09. Thank You Merry Christmas DanceDanceRevolution (2014) / jubeat saucer fulfill / REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper
10. 恋愛観測 -VENUS Mix- pop'n music ラピストリア / REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper
11. Wow Wow VENUS -Extended Mix- ZEUS (REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-)
12. Brand New World -Extended Mix- ZEUS (pop'n music Sunny Park)
13. Far Away -Extended Mix- ZEUS (REFLEC BEAT limelight)
14. 1/3の純情な感情 1/3の純情な感情 (REFLEC BEAT limelight)
15. Survival Games -Extended Mix- ZEUS (REFLEC BEAT)
16. VENUS -Rb Jingle1- ZEUS (REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-)
17. VENUS -Rb Jingle2- REFLEC BEAT colette -Autumn-
18. Outro -Contrail- NEW

Composition: Sota Fujimori (1, 2, 4, 7, 12-18), DJ YOSHITAKA (5, 6, 9-11), Tetsuya Komuro (3), Nana Takahashi (8), PON (10), SIAM SHADE (14)
Arrangement: Sota Fujimori (all tracks), MasKaleido (8)
Lyrics: DJ YOSHITAKA (2, 4-7, 9-13, 15), Tetsuya Komuro (3), Nana Takahashi (8), PON (10), SIAM SHADE (14)
Vocals: DJ YOSHITAKA (2-15), TAG (3, 10), Nana Takahashi (8), wac (10), Des-ROW (10)
Rap: TAG (2, 7-8), 709sec (8)
Guitar: Josh (8)
Lisenced By: Avex Publishing Inc. (3), FUJI PACIFIC MUSIC (14), Aniplex Inc. (14), AMUSE INC. (14), Sony Music Publishing (14)
Mix & Mastering Engineer: Sota Fujimori
Photo: Ayami Kawai(AY-Beatrium)
Art Direction & Graphic Designer: XTC

Special Thanks
Michihiko Kawamura(Sony Music Communications Inc.)
All Staff, All BEMANI Fans & Music Fans!


  • The KONAMI STYLE edition of the album comes in two versions. They have the same set of songs, however, the featured photos depends respectively on what side was ordered: Side [Y] for DJ YOSHITAKA and Side [S] for Sota Fujimori.
  • VENUS -Rb Jingle1- and VENUS -Rb Jingle2- are long versions of the VENUS and VENUS -ZEUS- song selection BGMs introduced in their respective games.

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