Double Universe (album)

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Double Universe

Double Universe is P*Light's and Hommarju's first split album, released during the Comiket 90 event under P*Light's pichnopop label. The album is related to the SOUND VOLTEX song of the same name and includes a long version and a remix of it. A special remix CD was also sold at the event.

Album Information

Double Universe
Artist Hommarju vs P*Light DoubleUniverse CD.jpg
Release Date 8/14/2016
Catalog Number DUCD-001
Published by pichnopop
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Double Universe (Long Ver.) Hommarju vs P*Light SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
02. No Alert (Hardcore Mix) Hommarju HAPPYNATION #03
03. Feelin' You P*Light NEW
04. Feel The Music Hommarju NEW
05. Meteor Hommarju feat. MAYUMI MORINAGA NEW
06. psy_tek P*Light NEW
07. Liquid & Moon Gov. Hommarju NEW
08. Princess of a Rose P*Light feat. mow*2 NEW
09. Galaxxxy Toybox P*Light NEW
10. Double Universe (The 4th Remix) The 4th SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
11. GAIA Hommarju vs P*Light NEW

Producer/Compose: P*Light (pichnopop), Hommarju (S2TB Recording)
Track 10 remixed by Ryu☆ (EDP) and kors k (S2TB Recording)
Tracks 01 and 10 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Vocals: mow*2, Mayumi Morinaga
Mastering: DJ Noriken
Design/Illustrations: Hachipuyo, TOHRU MiTSUHASHi.
Special Thanks: saegsa

C90 Double Universe Special Disc
Track List
Title Artist From
10. Feelin' You (BlackY Remix) P*Light, remixed by BlackY NEW
11. Liquid & Moon Gov. (Yooh Remix) Hommarju, remixed by Yooh NEW

Remixed by BlackY (BlackY's BEATFLOOR) and Yooh (Yoohsic Roomz)


  • While it heavily involves P*Light, Double Universe is Hommarju's first album-type release.
  • Double Universe's jacket has the same style and characters from the SOUND VOLTEX song's one.
    • It's drawn by the same illustrator and designer, Hachipuyo and TOHRU MiTSUHASHi.
    • In the album's jacket, the girls are dressed in red and yellow, representing Hommarju and P*Light respectively.
  • Liquid & Moon Gov.'s intro is based on the 2001: A Space Odyssey's theme song.
  • The C90 Double Universe Special Disc remix CD involving BlackY and Yooh was event only and is not officially sold anymore.
  • The Hommarju and P*Light themed rubber bands come with a download code for a special "Hommarju vs P*Light DJ MIX" track. These goods are sold in the TANO*C Store (Japan only).
  • The Hommarju's and P*Light's "Double Universe" duo is seen as the RHYZE successor to Ryu☆'s and kors k's "The 4th" one.
    • As seen in the S2TBTANO*C 2016 live event, Hommarju's and P*Light's color codes are red and yellow respectively, while Ryu☆'s and kors k's ones are blue and green.

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