Sakura Luminance (album)

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This page is for the Ryu☆ album titled Sakura Luminance. For the song of the same title, please see Sakura Luminance.

Sakura Luminance

Sakura Luminance is Ryu☆'s fourth album.

Album Information

Sakura Luminance
Artist Ryu☆ Sakura Luminance (album).jpg
Release Date 12/15/2012
Catalog Number QWCE-00252
Published by EXIT TUNES
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Sakura Luminance Ryu☆ NEW (REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-)
02. Follow Tomorrow (for future remix rearrange ver.) HHH×MM×ST beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle
03. Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix) feat.Another Infinity Mayumi Morinaga アニメ「FAIRY TAIL」ED主題歌
04. I/O (Extended Mix) Ryu☆ DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX
05. White Garden Another Infinity feat.Mayumi Morinaga Comic Market 79
06. STARS Another Infinity feat.Mayumi Morinaga Comic Market 80
07. 僕の望むセカイ Another Infinity feat.Mayumi Morinaga 精霊召喚カタストロフィ
08. HHH×MM×ST pop'n music 20 Fantasia
09. two digits Another Infinity feat.Mayumi Morinaga NEW
10. dreamin' feat.Ryu☆(+VOX Mix) Mayumi Morinaga Glitter / 神巫詞(Mayumi Morinaga)
11. 中華急行 (Extended Mix) Ryu☆ REFLEC BEAT
12. 532nm (Extended Mix) Ryu☆ jubeat copious APPEND
13. 800nm (Extended Mix) Another Infinity (Ryu☆×Starving Trancer) GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 / jubeat copious APPEND
14. Castle on the Moon (Extended Mix) 青龍 REFLEC BEAT limelight
15. Kaleidoscope 桜龍 NEW
16. Blue Moon 青龍 NEW
17. PARADISE LOST (Extended Mix) Ryu☆ Vs. L.E.D.-G beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem
18. NNRT (Extended Mix) Levaslater beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle
19. Do it!! Do it!! (Extended Mix) Kraken beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS
20. Outro "Sakura Luminance" Another Infinity NEW

Composition, Arrangement and Production: Ryu☆ (1, 3-7, 9-13, 17-20), Seiryu (14, 16), Ouryu (15)
Starving Trancer(Another Infinity) (3, 5-7, 9, 13, 18), HHH×ST (2, 8), L.E.D.-G (17)
Lyrics: Dai. (2, 8), Mayumi Morinaga (3, 5-6, 9), mitsu (7), Ryu☆ (10)
Vocals: Mayumi Morinaga (2-3, 5-10)
Guitar: Mutsuhiko Izumi (13)
Cello: Maya Minamiguchi (9)
Violin: Mariko Mizuno (9)
Mastering Engineer: Daishi

Title Artist CD Shop
Sakura Luminance(青龍Remix) Ryu☆ アニメイト
Sakura Luminance(雷龍Remix) Ryu☆ TSUTAYA RECORDS
Sakura Luminance(桜龍Remix) Ryu☆ とらのあな
Sakura Luminance(kors k Remix) Remixed by kors k KONAMI STYLE

All tracks composed and Arranged by Ryu☆.


  • Sakura Luminance is Ryu☆'s first album to not be named after a pre-existing BEMANI song.
    • It is also his first album to have the title track be the first track, instead of the last.

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