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FORGOTTEN GEARS is Shohei Uno's eighth solo album under his RoughSketch alias, released during the M3-2017 Fall doujin event. It is his fifth album to feature a long version of a BEMANI song, this time from the jubeat series; it also features a remix of one of his SOUND VOLTEX songs.

Album Information

Artist RoughSketch NBCD-029 jacket.jpg
Release Date 10/29/2017
Catalog Number NPCD-029
Published by Notebook Records
Track List
Title From
01. Who I Am NEW
02. Forgotten Gears feat.Aikapin & Chiyoko NEW
03. Toxic City NEW
04. Stamp Faces NEW
05. Emily feat.Aikapin NEW
06. Vision NEW
07. Poison Inside Me feat.DD”ナカタ”Metal NEW
08. Lost Sunshine NEW
09. One Promise NEW
10. Forgotten Gears Outro NEW
11. Anubis (Massive New Krew Remix) YATSUZAKI HARDCORE VOLUME 3
12. Alice In Voodooland (DJ Myosuke Remix) ALICE IN VOODOOLAND
13. Booths of Fighters (Camellia’s “Barrage of Flurries” Remix) SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
14. Sacrifice for Justice (Extended Mix) jubeat prop

Staff List
Music: RoughSketch

Illustration: UME(Illegal Bible) / Misa
Produce: Notebook Records

Guest Creators: Aikapin, Chiyoko, DD"Nakata"Metal, Massive New Krew, DJ Myosuke, Camellia

Track 13 and 14 licensed by Konami Amusement


  • The last four tracks of FORGOTTEN GEARS are counted as bonus ones, therefore they won't be available in the digital version of the album.
    • The digital version of the album was available from November 29th, 2017.
  • As in tradition, RoughSketch's mascot marionette character appears on FORGOTTEN GEARS's jacket.

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