Let's Do It Again!!

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Let's Do It Again!!

Let's Do It Again!! is kors k's second major album, and is the sequel to 2014's Let's Do It Now!!.

Album Information

Let's Do It Again!!
Artist kors k Let's Do It Again!!.jpg
Release Date 03/18/2015
Catalog Number QWCE-00450
Published by EXIT TUNES
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Let's Do It Again!! Intro kors k NEW
02. Big Ship kors k feat.Yukacco & MC STONE NEW
03. Tokyo kors k NEW
04. I'm On Fire kors k NEW (REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper)
05. Programmed GAIA kors k feat.SH-01 NEW
06. Raise Your Hands Up The 4th NEW
07. Weekend kors k feat.MAKINO NEW
08. New Lights(Extended Mix) kors k beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro
09. On My Wings(Ryu☆ Remix) kors k (Remixed by Ryu☆) Let's Do It Now!!
10. Shibuya Jungle(lapix Remix) kors k (Remixed by lapix) Let's Do It Now!!
11. Because of You(Akira Complex Remix) kors k (Remixed by Akira Complex) Let's Do It Now!!
12. Ultra Hardcore(P*Light Remix) kors k (Remixed by P*Light) Let's Do It Now!!
13. Big Ship(Hommarju Remix) kors k (Remixed by Hommarju) NEW
14. Nirvana(Camellia's "BinaryHeaven" Remix) kors k feat.ЯIRE (Remixed by Camellia) Let's Do It Now!!

Art Design: DJ Shimamura

Preorder Bonus Tracks
Title Artist Shop
Big Ship (Pirate) kors k とらのあな
Big Ship (DJ Shimamura Remix) Remixed By DJ Shimamura アニメイト
Big Ship (HyperJuice Remix) Remixed By HyperJuice TSUTAYA RECORDS


  • The "SH-01" in the artist name for Programmed GAIA refers to Roland's GAIA SH-01 synthesizer.
    • The song's title itself is based on the said synthesizer.

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