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pop'n music Artist Collection 新谷さなえ

pop'n music Artist Collection 新谷さなえ is a compilation album of various pop'n music songs sung by BEMANI vocalist Sanae Shintani, along with a few new tracks.

Album Information

Songs with asterisks in front of them have already appeared on a previous album.

pop'n music Artist Collection 新谷さなえ
Artist Sanae Shintani
Release Date 07/24/2002
Catalog Number KMCA-159
Published by KONAMI Music Entertainment
Track List
Title From
01. Over the hill pop'n music 6
02. 会社はワタシで廻ってる!? pop'n music 8
03. 駅 NEW
04. White Lovers pop'n music GB (pop'n music 7)
05. ※une fille dans la pluie ~涙色の少女~ pop'n music 5
06. 翔べない天使 NEW (pop'n music 7 CS)
07. よあけの道 pop'n music 6 (cover)
08. ※ムーンライト伝説 pop'n music アニメロ (cover)
09. ※くちうるさいママ pop'n music GB (pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC)
10. sync sync
12. ? NEW

Composition: Shunsuke Kida (1), Shoichiro Hirata (2), Tsugumi Kataoka (3), Tomoaki Hirono (4), Hiroshi Takeyasu (5), Shigenori Masuko (6), Kumiko Oosugi (7), Tetsuya Komoro (8), Sotaro Tojima (9), Hiroyuki Togo (10), Tomo K. (11)
Arrangement: Shunsuke Kida (1), Shoichiro Hirata (2), Tsugumi Kataoka (3), Takayuki Ishikawa (4), Hiroshi Takeyasu (5), Shigenori Masuko (6), Yoichi Hayashi (9), Takahro Koike (10), Mitsuto Suzuki (11)
Lyrics: Shunsuke Kida (1), Sanae Shintani (2,4,5,6,9), Manami Fujino (3), Kirita Karako (7), Kanako Oda (8), Hiroyuki Togo (10), Tomo K. (11)
Vocals: Sanae Shintani (all tracks), Shunsuke Kida (1)
Guitar: Nazo²Suzuki (5). Yoichi Hayashi (9)


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  • sync was used as the ending theme of the first two episodes of the Futari Ecchi OAV series.
  • No arrangement credit is given for the covers of よあけの道 and ムーンライト伝説.
    • No composer credit is given for track 12, either.
  • Track 12 is called 童話『星になったキミへ』(仮称)の朗読。, or in English, Reading of the fairy tale 'You become a star' (tentative name), is based on a poem Sana wrote. She goes into more detail about it on her website, located here.

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