Starry Orange

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Starry Orange

Starry Orange is DJ Genki's second album, released during the Comiket 86 event. The first disc features an extended version of one of his beatmania IIDX songs and several collaborations, while the second disc features a selection of DJ Genki's old tracks. The album was released under SKETCH UP! Recordings, DJ Genki's and DJ Noriken's label.

Album Information

Starry Orange
Artist DJ Genki Starryorange.jpg
Release Date 08/17/2014
Catalog Number GECD-011
Published by SKETCH UP! Recordings
Track List
Disc 1: Starry Orange
Title Artist From
01. Opening DJ Genki NEW
02. MAGIC & LOVE(Extended Ver.) DJ Genki feat. yukacco beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA
03. R U Ready!! ヒゲドライバー & DJ Genki NEW
04. OVER LIMIT(Original Mix) DJ Genki feat. yukacco Bright Colors 2
05. Canicule DJ Genki NEW
06. Love me U(2014 Update MIX) DJ Genki HARDCORE SYNDROME 5
07. Oh your side Hommarju & DJ Genki feat. yukacco NEW
08. Get Truth 吉河順央 NEW
09. Feelin Sky かめりあ & DJ Genki NEW
10. Keep on Groovin'(DJ Genki Remix) P*Light feat. mow*2 RADIANCE

Composition: DJ Genki (01-09), Hige Driver (03), Hommarju (07), Camellia (09), P*Light (10)
Vocals: yukacco (02, 04, 07), Sunao Yoshikawa (08), mow*2 (10)
Track 02 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track 10 remixed by DJ Genki
Special Thanks: P*Light feat. mow*2 (pichnopop), Dirty Androids (DA Recordings), MuryokuP, kors k (S2TB Recording), HARDCORE TANO*C

Disc 2: DJ Genki "THE BEST"
Title Artist From
01. HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!!!!! DJ Genki FirstDate
02. Your Now(2012 Update Mix) DJ Genki FirstDate
03. Toys DJ Genki Under Planet
04. Blue Lightning DJ Genki Blue Lightning
05. Lift me DJ Genki ForceMotion
06. Petal DJ Genki SKETCH BOOK! Anthology 3
07. Remember DJ Genki feat. yukacco HARDCORE SYNDROME 6
08. Never Be Luv Dirty Androids VS DJ Genki FirstDate
09. ForceMotion DJ Genki ForceMotion
10. Loneliness 無力P & DJ Genki feat. yukacco FirstDate
11. My Dear DJ Genki feat. yukacco HARDCORE SYNDROME 7
12. Wish DJ Genki feat. yukacco FirstDate
13. Starlit Sky DJ Genki feat. yukacco Hardcore United Tokyo

All tracks composed by DJ Genki
Additional production: Dirty Androids (08), MuryokuP (10)
Vocals: yukacco (07, 10, 11, 12, 13)


  • The Opening track is based on MAGIC & LOVE.
  • Never Be Luv, the collaboration between DJ Genki and Dirty Androids, shares similarities with Shining World.
  • When Starry Orange was announced, the tracklist shown in the dedicated product page was slightly different compared to the SoundCloud's one. The website's tracklist was eventually fixed a week later.

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