The 4th EP2

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The 4th EP2

The 4th EP2 is the second collaboration release between kors k and Ryu☆. As with The 4th EP, several artists appear as guest remixers. Included with the release is a mashup of The Wind of Gold and 中華急行.

Album Information

The 4th EP2
Artist The 4th The4thEP2.jpg
Release Date 08/14/2016
Catalog Number S2TB-0018
Published by S2TB Recording
Track List
Title From
01. New Game feat.Mayumi Morinaga NEW (SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN)
02. Continues feat.Mayumi Morinaga NEW
03. New Game (Hommarju vs P*Light Remix) NEW
04. Continues (Akira Complex Remix) NEW
05. New Game (DJ Shimamura Remix) NEW
06. Continues (KAN TAKAHIKO Remix) NEW
07. New Game (TORIENA Remix) NEW
08. The Wind of China Express jubeat copious APPEND / REFLEC BEAT
(beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER)

Composition: kors k & Ryu☆
Vocal: Mayumi Morinaga
Remix: Hommarju (3), P*Light (3), Akira Complex (4), DJ Shimamura (5), KAN TAKAHIKO (6), TORIENA (7)
Track 08 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Mastered by DJ Noriken (SKETCH UP! Recordings)
Designed by Favgear



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