The Wind of Gold

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The Wind of Gold

Song Information

The Wind of Gold's jacket.
The Wind of Gold's pop'n music banner.

Artist: kors k
Composition/Arrangement/Synthesizers & Programming: kors k
BPM: 170
Length: 1:48
pop'n music Genre: ORIENTAL CORE (オリエンタルコア)
pop'n music Character: N.NAGA [18-1P]
Jacket design: いそにん
First Music Game Appearance: jubeat copious APPEND
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes


  • The Wind of Gold is automatically available in jubeat copious APPEND by playing with an e-AMUSEMENT PASS.
    • ナナホシ and The Wind of Gold were the only two new KONAMI originals in jubeat copious APPEND that were not part of an event.
    • In jubeat saucer, it can be unlocked via the bistro saucer unlocking event.
    • In jubeat saucer fulfill, it can be unlocked as part of saucer macchiato's Side Menu from April 23rd, 2014.
    • In jubeat prop, it is part of the Step unlocking system, unlockable by reaching Step Level 47.
    • As of jubeat Qubell, it is available by default by playing with an e-amusement pass.
  • The Wind of Gold's jubeat charts were created by RAG.
  • The Wind of Gold is the first song from jubeat copious APPEND to appear in jubeat plus, and the only copious APPEND song to appear in jubeat plus before the APPEND TRAVEL event started.
  • The Wind of Gold can be unlocked in REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring- from April 1st, 2013 as part of the Pastel-kun to Smith-shi no RUNRUN marathon! (パステルくんとスミス氏のRUNRUNマラソン!) crossover event with jubeat saucer. It is the second unlockable song of the 2nd Meeting, after Smith completes 20 laps around the track.
  • The Wind of Gold is one of the songs part of the Mimi, Nyami & Kotaro no flying catch! (ミミニャミ・コタローのフライングキャッチ!) event. It could be unlocked in pop'n music Sunny Park since June 3rd, 2013.
  • The Wind of Gold was added to DanceDanceRevolution (2013) on August 15th, 2013 as part of the jubeat・GITADORA・DDRのTriple Journey unlock event, which started on August 1st, 2013.
    • To unlock The Wind of Gold in DanceDanceRevolution, play a CHALLENGE chart with Shock Arrows.
    • From October 1st, 2013, it could be unlocked in DanceDanceRevolution (2013) and DanceDanceRevolution (2014) by playing seven rounds with an eAMUSEMENT PASS.
    • From DanceDanceRevolution A onwards, The Wind of Gold is playable by default.
  • After being removed from the initial release of REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア, The Wind of Gold was revived on December 20th, 2018.
  • The Wind of Gold's jubeat (2021) ratings were adjusted to its jubeat festo ratings on March 7th, 2022.
  • The Wind of Gold is available in DanceDanceRevolution GRAND PRIX's GRAND PRIX mode from April 25th, 2022, by purchasing the GRAND PRIX music pack vol.5 (グランプリ楽曲パック vol.5).

Music Comment

A hardcore song with an oriental atmosphere! Currently, the wind is leisurely blowing...

Song Production Information


Jacket Design Information


Anyways, my theme was "amazing gold, excitement, and oriental".

To create a golden feeling, I collected shiny materials from art supply stores, such as gold leaves used in Japanese paintings, and lamé used for nails.

Afterwards, I intently drew circular motions using a brush.
The picture shows the result of trying out many styles to find a vigorous brush feel.

I always listen to songs while working, and my mind was constantly excited.

Although I'm known to always have fish-like eyes, but just this time, I was in an excited mood.

Character Information


Chart Production Information


Sorry, it's me again.
When I created this song's notecharts, the chorus was so impressive that I couldn't get its phrases out of my mind, so they came to me relatively smoothly.
Since it might be difficult to divide the left and right panels between both hands, by all means, please try to study how to press them.
No~, various touches are pleasant, right?

Difficulty & Notecounts

DanceDanceRevolution difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from X onwards.
jubeat to clan difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and 1 to 10.9 from festo onwards.
pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards.
REFLEC BEAT to groovin'!! Upper difficulty rated from 1 to 10+, 1 to 13 in VOLZZA/VOLZZA 2, and 1 to 15 in 悠久のリフレシア. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd, Pop'n Music Fever and jubeat@Wiki.)


Game Single Double
Beginner Basic Difficult Expert Challenge Basic Difficult Expert Challenge
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 139 / 11 226 / 16 299 / 15 458 / 61 - / - / - 219 / 15 288 / 15 455 / 52 - / - / -
DanceDanceRevolution (2013)→A3 3 6 10 14 - 6 10 14 -
DanceDanceRevolution WORLD→Present 3 ↑7 10 14 - 6 10 14 -
DanceDanceRevolution GRAND PRIX 3 6 10 14 - 6 10 14 -


Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts 380 631 814
jubeat copious APPEND→clan 5 8 10
jubeat festo→Present 5 8 10.2
jubeat plus 5 8 10
jukebeat 5 8 10
jubeat plus (Android) 5 8 10
jubeat (2021) 5 8 10.2

pop'n music

Game Normal Mode Battle Mode
Notecounts 130 357 637 974 315 422
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present 7 24 36 43 16 23


Old Charts

Game Level
Basic Medium Hard Special
Notecounts 109 307 661 -
REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-→VOLZZA 2 3 6 10 -
REFLEC BEAT plus 3 6 10 -
REFLEC BEAT + 3 6 10 -

New Charts

Game Level
Basic Medium Hard White
Notecounts 139 349 781 -
REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア 5 8 12 -

1st Annual Meeting jubeat: 梅雪夜 - Clumsy thoughts - この青空の下で
REFLEC BEAT: spring pony - Good-bye Chalon - アルストロメリア
Final Song: anemone
2nd Annual Meeting jubeat: Broken - Our Faith - 愛は不死鳥の様に
REFLEC BEAT: True Blue - The Wind of Gold - †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†
Final Song: ZZ
3rd Annual Meeting
(DJ TOTTO Meeting)
jubeat: Windy Fairy - DRAGON KILLER - ストレイ・マーチ
REFLEC BEAT: Arousing - Mirage - アストライアの双皿
Final Song: chaplet
Mission DELTA jubeat: VALLIS-NERIA
Final Song: Lisa-RICCIA
jubeat Unlocks サヨナラ・ヘヴン - リメンバーリメンバー - Snowfield Express - 黒髪乱れし修羅となりて - 防人恋歌 - カラルの月
恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!! - Brand New World - neu - 少年は空を辿る
pop'n music Unlocks yellow head joe - Evans - Riot of Color - 量子の海のリントヴルム - HEAVENLY MOON - The Wind of Gold
†渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† - JOMANDA - PRANA - True Blue
Final Song 終末を追う者
jubeat・GITADORA・DDRTriple Journey
DanceDanceRevolution Songs sola - Sweet Rain - Magnetic - キケンな果実 - フー・フローツ - からふるぱすてる - The Wind of Gold
RЁVOLUTIΦN - Right on time (Ryu☆Remix) - PRANA - Chinese Snowy Dance
†渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† - Triple Journey -TAG EDITION-
GuitarFreaks & DrumMania Songs sola GITADORA ver. - 量子の海のリントヴルム (GITADOROCK Ver.) - HEART BEAT FORMULA (GITADORA Ver.)
Cassis - Beautiful Dream - heron -GITADOROCK ver.- - 此岸の戯事 - Spanish Snowy Dance (daybreak ver.)
Shining Wizard - Sakura Sunrise (GITADORA ver.) - †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† (GITADORA ver.)
nightbird lost wing (GITADORA ver.) - Triple Journey -OJ EDITION-
jubeat Songs sola - New Decade - キケンな果実 - 万華鏡 - Straight Oath - heron - Fly with me - New Gravity
Right on time (Ryu☆Remix) - Go For The Top - 夏・KOI・ムッシュ!! - Dragon Blade
Triple Journey -S-C-U EDITION-