Pastel-kun to Smith-shi no RUNRUN marathon!

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Pastel-kun to Smith-shi no RUNRUN marathon! (パステルくんとスミス氏のRUNRUNマラソン!), also known as Pastel-kun & Smith-shi's RUNRUN marathon, was a collaborative event between REFLEC BEAT colette and jubeat saucer.

The event started on April 1st, 2013 and ended on March 3rd, 2014. Since then, the songs have been available through other unlock events:



Unlockable Songs

To unlock the songs, play the two games until Pastel-kun (in jubeat) or Smith (in REFLEC BEAT) completes the required number of rounds around the track.

For the final song of each meetings, Pastel-kun and Smith must complete the same number of rounds.

In order to access the next meeting, the final song of the previous meeting have to be unlocked and played on each game at least once.

By playing both games in one day, the player earn a Water Bottle Bonus (給水ボーナス), a +1 lap bonus in both games. Between May 15th, 2013 to May 31st, 2013, the effect of the water bottle was doubled as part of the Hashire! Water Bottle 2x Campaign! (走れ!給水ボーナス2倍キャンペーン!). It was later extended until June 11th, 2013.

Laps REFLEC BEAT Song jubeat Song
1st Meeting (第1回大会) (Added on April 1st, 2013)
5 spring pony 梅雪夜
15 Good-bye Chalon Clumsy thoughts
25 アルストロメリア この青空の下で
40 anemone
2nd Meeting (第2回大会) (Added on April 1st, 2013)
10 True Blue Broken
20 The Wind of Gold Our Faith
35 †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† 愛は不死鳥の様に
50 ZZ
3rd Meeting "DJ TOTTO Meeting" (第3回大会「DJ TOTTO大会」)
(Added on June 12th, 2013)
15 Arousing Windy Fairy
45 アストライアの双皿 ストレイ・マーチ
60 chaplet
Mission DELTA (Added on November 13rd, 2013)
40 Lisa-RICCIA

[A] To unlock JOMANDA, play four games of jubeat saucer from November 13th, 2013.
[B] To unlock VALLIS-NERIA, play four games of REFLEC BEAT colette -Autumn- from November 13th, 2013.


  • パステルくんとスミス氏のRUNRUNマラソン! song packs are available in jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus.
  • Each of the unlockable songs in one game has a similarity in artist with its counterpart from the other game.

External Link

1st Annual Meeting jubeat: 梅雪夜 - Clumsy thoughts - この青空の下で
REFLEC BEAT: spring pony - Good-bye Chalon - アルストロメリア
Final Song: anemone
2nd Annual Meeting jubeat: Broken - Our Faith - 愛は不死鳥の様に
REFLEC BEAT: True Blue - The Wind of Gold - †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†
Final Song: ZZ
3rd Annual Meeting
(DJ TOTTO Meeting)
jubeat: Windy Fairy - DRAGON KILLER - ストレイ・マーチ
REFLEC BEAT: Arousing - Mirage - アストライアの双皿
Final Song: chaplet
Mission DELTA jubeat: VALLIS-NERIA
Final Song: Lisa-RICCIA