Snowfield Express

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Snowfield Express

Song Information

Snowfield Express' pop'n music banner.
Snowfield Express's jacket.

Composition/Arrangement/Bass: TIME CAPSULE Lab.
Guitars: 96
BPM: 188
Length: 2:01
pop'n music Genre: SPUR FUSION (シュプールフュージョン)
pop'n music Character: OLLIE [SP]
pop'n CG designer: とっきー
Jacket design: とっきー
First Music Game Appearance: pop'n music Sunny Park
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes



  • Snowfield Express marks TIME CAPSULE Lab.'s debut in pop'n music and jubeat.
    • It is also TIME CAPSULE Lab.'s first BEMANI song that isn't part of his elementary particle song series, which includes photon, Lepton and Graviton.
  • Snowfield Express is one of the songs part of the Mimi, Nyami & Kotaro no flying catch! (ミミニャミ・コタローのフライングキャッチ!) event. It can be unlocked in jubeat saucer since June 3rd, 2013.
    • In jubeat saucer fulfill, it can be unlocked as part of saucer macchiato's Side Menu from May 1st, 2014.
    • In jubeat prop, it can be unlocked by playing it as a BONUS TUNE from May 28th, 2015.
    • In jubeat Qubell, it is one of the Garnet unlocks of the dig dig Qubell unlocking system.
    • In jubeat clan, it can be unlocked in the jubeat SHOP.
    • In jubeat festo, it can be purchased at the emo MART.
      • It could also be unlocked from December 7th, 2020 to January 4th, 2021 as one of the unlocks of jubeat festo's T-emo STORE.
    • In jubeat Ave. and beyond the Ave., it is one of the CONCIERGE unlocks of the LIGHT CHAT unlocking system from August 17th, 2022.
  • In snowboarding and skateboarding, an ollie is a trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider's hands.
  • According to とっきー, OLLIE was supposed to wear a hat and a long-sleeved jacket originally, but scrapped both for a simpler design that allowed him for more movement.
  • Snowfield Express is available in pop'n music Lively as part of the pop'n music Lively Music Pack vol.6 (pop'n music Lively 楽曲パック vol.6).
  • Snowfield Express's jubeat (2021) ratings were adjusted to its jubeat festo ratings on March 7th, 2022.

Music Comment


Song Production Information


Character Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

jubeat to clan difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and 1 to 10.9 from festo onwards.
pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)


Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts 220 392 702
jubeat saucer→clan 4 6 9
jubeat festo→Present 4 6 9.3
jubeat plus 4 6 9
jubeat plus (Android) 4 6 9
jukebeat 4 6 9
jubeat (2021) 4 6 9.3

pop'n music

Game Normal Mode Battle Mode
Notecounts - 269 872 1119 206 270
pop'n music Sunny Park - 25 39 46 14 21
pop'n music ラピストリア→Present - 25 39 ↓44 14 21
pop'n music Lively - 25 39 44 - -
jubeat Unlocks サヨナラ・ヘヴン - リメンバーリメンバー - Snowfield Express - 黒髪乱れし修羅となりて - 防人恋歌 - カラルの月
恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!! - Brand New World - neu - 少年は空を辿る
pop'n music Unlocks yellow head joe - Evans - Riot of Color - 量子の海のリントヴルム - HEAVENLY MOON - The Wind of Gold
†渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† - JOMANDA - PRANA - True Blue
Final Song 終末を追う者