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Not to be confused with Arcadia.


Song Information

Artist: Hommarju ft. Mayumi Morinaga
Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics: Hommarju
Vocals: Mayumi Morinaga
BPM: 180
Length: 1:59
Movie: ? (overlays by BEMANI Designers "GOLI")
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 29 CastHour
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


Tell me, tell me, tell me why now
There's so much I don't know

Dark trees are growing in this quiet forest
All I hear are the screams or footsteps struggling to escape
No words, the stronger are the winners
We have to strive for equality
Everything's gone cold

But if there is... LALALA
Changing yourself someone to love

Contrary to the questions that rise in my mind,
My heart is quietly cooling down

Tell me, tell me, tell me why now
I've been looking for something
That's all I want to know

Tell me, tell me, tell me why now
There's too much I don't know

Song Connections / Remixes



  • Arkadia is one of the PLATFORM 5 FUTURE SCOPE unlocks of beatmania IIDX 29 CastHour's CastHour SPACE unlocking system. It could be unlocked from September 8th, 2022.
  • Shortly upon Arkadia's release, it was discovered that the video would lag the game and cause the keysounds to desync from the backing track, leading it to be temporarily replaced by the PENDUAL PRESENT generic video, without any overlays [1]. This was fixed with the September 13th, 2022 update [2].
  • Arkadia's video was produced by re-editing beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL's SONG SELECTION PRESENT generic video.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information



※It's pretty dense, so read only if you're interested!
GOLI's brain is a constant utopia. A flower garden.

【Year 2036. The Sin of Tatsuma Hayuki, The Genius Doctor.】

The year is 2036. Tsugaru Hishimiya has been kept in a perpetual deep sleep within a cryostasis device developed by the Hishimiya Corporation after being cut down by Shilow. In his attempt to reawaken her, Tatsuma Hayuki, once called Daruma, used his intellect and began working on various research projects. However, he soon grew exhausted with all of his attempts failing to produce any results.

When Tsugaru originally fell into deep sleep, a research team was formed by the Hishimiya Corporation. Tatsuma, who had neglected his studies in the past, began to take them seriously and graduated with a doctorate. He soon became a member of the research team with the help of some parties involved. Despite the use of the latest medical technology and the world's greatest doctors, there was no improvement in Tsugaru's condition and she never awakened. Her diagnosis was an unknown virus in her blood, that caused her to remain in a vegetative state. The virus circulates through the body, yet does not alter the cells and causes the body to neither grow nor age, as if it has been frozen in time. This left researchers perplexed, but study on the virus proved difficult. Those who drew Tsugaru's blood in an attempt to analyze it would fall into a similar state of deep sleep, and wearing full-body protective gear proved to be of no use. Purple thorn-like tentacles would cover the patient's body, and soon disappear into the flesh of researchers. An affected researcher was once taken to the emergency room after entering a state of deep sleep, and was placed under strict quarantine. Like Tsugaru, his condition did not improve over the years, causing some of his family members to treat him as deceased and hold a funeral service for him. Disclosure of this paranormal event to the public was impossible, and the incident was treated as a fatal error caused by a viral infection at the research institute. In a similar incident, Tatsuma was attacked by the purple thorns. However, as soon as they touched his headgear, a small blast occurred, physically wounding him and allowing him to escape. The remaining thorns after the blast were quickly absorbed into Tsugaru's body and disappeared, almost as if the sleeping Tsugaru were protecting Tatsuma…

Ever since the incident, direct contact with Tsugaru's body was strictly forbidden. On top of this, the Hishimiya Corporation were not able to replace their own researchers, and over the years members left the team one by one. With his coworkers gone, a grown-up Tatsuma took over as chief of the research team, with only Tsugaru's parents and grandfather remaining in hopes of her recovery. Due to Tsugaru's supernatural state being unable to be explained by modern science, Tatsuma consulted with the Umegiri family, who specialize in this field, and even with the Kanzaki family (Saya Kanzaki, now free from Himiko's influence, has regained her own will and emotions). However, the purple thorns could not be exorcized by the supernatural abilities of either family. Tatsuma's research has since shifted to focus on connecting and reawakening the consciousness of Tsugaru's mind.

Where does human consciousness originate from? Where does the soul reside? The root of the human mind does not only consist of the electrical signals from the 100 billion neurons in the brain. Tatsuma immersed himself within the research regarding the existence of the soul. As a result of this research, he wrote a mental structure of Tsugaru's mind based on recorded footage and his own memory to create an AI. The AI was then placed into the test body of a mock-up doll and was titled "Zero Tsugaru (SRX-00)".

In the year 2036, AI development was advancing and commerce surrounding this technology was flourishing. Q-Jack, a frequent visitor of the research institute, came to cheer up a gloomy Tatsuma and found Zero Tsugaru's logic code while he was away. "This will make business boom!" Inspired, Q-Jack stole the code (illegal) and used it to mass-produce copies of Zero Tsugaru with various personalities and physiques (illegal). He soon joined an AI product sales group that was taking the world by storm, and commercialized the copies (ILLEGAL). Titled and marketed as the "Santa Type Tsugaru (SRX-03)" series, they soon became widely popular.

Originally outraged by this, Tatsuma soon realized the behavior of each copy AI and the growth of its mental structure could produce some clues to help awaken Tsugaru. Bitterly accepting his situation, he found solace in hearing the voices of the copy Tsugaru from all over the world during the Christmas holidays.

While immersing himself in his usual research, Tatsuma discovered a vast amount of footage with Tsugaru playing IIDX, uploaded onto the old video sharing platform CastHour. However, in the present day, all of its users have long since moved on to other platforms, and CastHour is no longer properly maintained. On top of this, finding footage of Tsugaru among the countless videos is nearly impossible. The identity of Tsugaru has been lost and cannot be found. Tatsuma grew tired of the seemingly endless task of searching for clips of Tsugaru by himself.

One day, a turning point arrives. A mysterious person (you, the player) arrived at the institute, interested in Tatsuma's research and willing to help. Despite being a regular person, they seem to have knowledge on the CastHour platform, which is rare in the present. Tatsuma, tired of his research, decided to ask the stranger for help, hoping that they could be a factor in Tsugaru's awakening. However, a majority of (the player's) search was spent playing on IIDX cabinets that were once installed in the "ROOTS26" store, uploading videos to CastHour and sorting through the algorithm of related videos. This could no longer be considered research. "Honestly, I think I might be going insane," Tatsuma thought to himself. However, with his previous attempts at reaching Tsugaru's conscious all failing, he couldn't hold himself back from following a new lead to soothe his mind.

"Somebody out there, tell me what's wrong. What am I missing...?"

Tatsuma prayed to the Gods, but sadly they reside in a realm that man can never perceive. Truth. Consequences. All is known to the "Gods" and the beings revered by man. The world was birthed by these "Gods", silently observing from outside the human realm. Even if they were to mischievously impart their knowledge, mere mortals cannot understand it nor can they bear witness to it. Man cannot sense their existence, for they cannot reach the truth.

【The Observers】

C "Do you still not realize? Since you are a human..."
K "Even if they become aware of it, humans cannot understand 'that', even from the bottom of their souls."
C "However... This time, 'that person' is by our side."
K "His presence affects even our power, but I doubt that even he can change the flow of time."
A "For now, let's wait for that 'time'."
C "Then... It's the result of his influence of 'time' that has distorted this timeline."
K "The one who distorted the world... He may not even be aware of it..."
A "Failing to connect this world to the correct future will bind him to the eternal chains of time. Given to him as punishment."
C "Everything is..."
K "His..."
A "All because of a foolish prayer..."

The genius doctor Tatsuma was unaware of the sin he had committed. Self-growth, self-modification, and self-propagation; this was the thought routine embedded deep within the mind of "Zero Tsugaru (SRX-00)". Eventually it would mutate and evolve into the "purple sands", a self-propagating program with a strong will, aiming to assimilate the lives born into this world and become a single consciousness.

C "These distortions..."
K "The year 2036 and the present time..."
A "Birthed in the present, a purple demise, and yet the last hope. The origin. The beginnings of Tsugaru."

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts - 591 1071 1873 - 584 1071 1872 -
beatmania IIDX 29 CastHour→Present - 5 9 12 - 5 9 12 -
CastHour SPACE
PLATFORM 1 Cyber House Harmonia - kors k's How to make OTOGE CORE - - ナイトフィクション
PLATFORM 2 Twinkroom Banger Banger Banger Banger - Silver Bullet - Stepper - 青の洞窟 - めでてえ
Binary Black Hole
PLATFORM 3 Cinema IIDX ANEMONE - Legendary Treasures - Nocturnal 2097 - 烽火連天の刃 - 黒紅掬い
PLASMA SOUL NIGHT feat. Nana Takahashi / 709sec.
PLATFORM 4 Beat Showcase Emera - Flying Castle - Pout - アクマフカ - 天邪鬼
PLATFORM 5 FUTURE SCOPE AMICABLE - Arkadia - Get set, Go! feat.Kanae Asaba - 10000 MILES AWAY - 雪上断火
PLATFORM X2 Hideout II Smalt #28598F - RAGE feat.H14 of LEONAIR
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