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Character Information

Q-Jack's BISTROVER appearance.

Japanese: 孔雀 (Q-Jack)
Full Name: Quisling Jack
Blood Type: A
Age: 25
Birthplace: Oslo
Likes: Wine, figurines, anime, anime music
Introduced in: beatmania IIDX 4th Style
Voice Actor: Ken Narita

Character Backstory

Arcadia (Goli's Graphic Gallery) / IIDX Bible

His real name is Quisling Jack.

He graduated from an art university in Japan as a special audition student. He has not returned to his home country of Norway, and is staying in Japan. Currently, he is working for Seiei and playing an active role as the villain (Dark Prince Pipiltine) in "Tsurion Sentai Hi-Hatman".

Q-Jack is also able to wear the heavy costume for the photo shoot with ease and confidence. Once, he ordered his drinking buddy Siren to play the role of an enemy (Gronzon, a black-toothed demon) who will be beaten for a week if he lost in a IIDX contest. And thus, his subordinate was born.

After the filming was over, they were drunkenly parading around Kabukicho at night in their costumes when, of course, they were questioned by the police. The two villains were chased around by the police for two hours late at night. In the end, they had to eat katsudon (pork cutlet on rice) at the police station.

Q-Jack got seriously hooked on IIDX when he saw Nyah, a woman, beat men at their own game. Even now, he hasn't been able to win against her even once. In IIDX, he especially likes to play dj TAKA's music. If you approach him from behind without being noticed, you can hear him humming "Memories," the lyrics of which he has recently forgotten. His hobbies also include baking cakes and working on figurines.

When he gave Nyah a figure of herself for her birthday, he even calculated her three sizes correctly and received 50 round-trip slaps for it. He loves to cook and bakes cookies with all his might, wearing a floral apron around his muscles. The sight of him makes even Duel, who is usually unfazed by anything, take a step back. Recently, he has been stalking a woman in a red motorcycle jacket in order to make a figure of her, and is teaming up with Zilch to start a war against Yuz!

Arcadia (ROOTS26)

"The name's Quisling Jack! I'm off to pursue the art of Japan!" Q-Jack arrived in Japan with great enthusiasm, and soon fell in love with the art of Japanese animation, manga, and figurines, which are now making their way around the world. He was employed at a motion picture company as a costume designer used in live action (tokusatsu) TV programs. However, due to certain circumstances the company temporarily shut its doors. Despite his large stature, his hands are more dexterous than others, and he used this skill to turn his figure-making hobby into a full-fledged business. His friends Duel, Sakura (and occasionally Siren) watch and cheer on him from afar at Tetsu Sushi.

He has acquired the ability of the "Peacock's Eye", so named by his friends, which allows him to accurately determine a woman's size and shape (much to their dismay). He once was accused by Zilch of confessing to Nyah by giving her a homemade figure of herself for her birthday. Q-Jack has since made peace by discreetly giving him an identical figure behind Nyah's back. Celica once tried to find Q-Jack a girlfriend and set him up with someone, to which he confronted with "Hm? Have you gained weight recently? (??cm) waist?" He had accurately guessed her waist size, earning him a graceful uppercut. Recently, he began going by the name Q-Jack due to the difficult pronunciation of his real name.

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