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Q-Jack from Arcadia magazine, without his helmet on.

Character Information

Old DJ #07/New DJ #10 - Q-Jack
Pronunciation - 孔雀 (Kujaku)
Age - 25
Blood type - A
Born- Oslo
Favorite Artist- dj TAKA
Introduced in: IIDX 4th Style
Likes - amazake, oshiruko, SF, hero, wine, anime, anime music
Voice Actor - Ken Narita

Character Backstory

Hailing from Oslo (the capital of Norway), his real name is Quisling Jack. For a long time, he was a student at the Japanese Fine Arts University, studying film. Now he's graduated and is looking for work, and primarily has found jobs in music. He wears a big costume pretty much all the time, which makes summers miserable. (He's lost, like, 10 pounds in the summer heats.)

Quisling discovered IIDX in "a certain game center" in Shinjuku while filming on location for his major film project. After playing a game, he immediately halted production for the day and went around searching for a 24-hour gaming establishment and played late into the night. He was able to consistently play in the AA range, and even make some AAAs, once he took off his suit. (Hence his appearance on 6th's AA results.) Celica found him there a few days later. This is when he adopted (or was given?) the name QJACK. He seems to like its meaning in Japanese ... kujaku is Japanese for peacock.

QJACK met Siren around the release of IIDX 5th in the arcades. Since then, they've become drinking buddies. At least once they've ended up wandering around various places late at night drunk, and gotten chased by the cops for it. Shinjuku, Kabukichou ... they're accomplished drinkers! QJACK also likes making cakes and little figures of people. (And no, he wouldn't ever make a voodoo doll of Nyah, who he's never beaten ... why do you ask?)

Video Appearances

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