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Nix on Arcadia Magazine

Character Information

Old DJ #06/New DJ #07 - NIX
Age - 23
Blood type - O
Birthplace - Yokohama
Likes - pork ochazuke, eel ochazuke, gyuudon in the morning

Character Backstory

Nix's first appearance was on the 3rd style poster. Like Shi-low, Nix is half-American, half-Japanese. (His mother isn't a former Miss Universe, though ... he's also more like a typical American than a typical Japanese, also unlike Shi-low.) He grew up on a military base, and wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force, but he was unfairly discharged; the situation involved a superier officer he was in some sort of disagreement with. (Nix should have played Valkyrie Profile - don't get emotional and abuse your superiors! Even if you're right ... ) Since then, he's floated around Shinjuku and Shibuya, drifting between various jobs. (He's currently an attendant at a gas station.)

Nix loves video games and music, and is especially a fan of drum'n'bass and big beat. He's also a big fan of Policeman 24 Hour (a Konami game where you're ducking and dodging enemy bullets ... hey, and Shi-low liked Punchmania, another Konami game. What's with that, huh?). This makes it fairly unsurprising that IIDX 2nd appealed to him with TaQ. He's pretty good, too - his pilot training helped hone his eyesight and hand-eye coordination. He has fairly similar interests as Erika, and they run into each other fairly often in stores (mostly ROOTS26). He's also managed to freeload at Siren's place somehow. Poor Siren, especially since Nix hates extreme weather of any kind. In summers, he's always in a bad mood after a long (hot) day's work, and in the winter you have to bodily drag him out from under blankets.

Video appearances

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