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Character Information

Nix's Rave Cannon appearance.

Japanese: ニクス (Nix)
Age: 23
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Yokohama
Likes: Plum, wasabi, sake, tonkatsu, ochazuke
Introduced in: beatmania IIDX 3rd Style

Character Backstory

Arcadia (Goli's Graphic Gallery) / IIDX Bible

Half Japanese, half American. If anything, Nix likes America more, but he and Shi-low always disagree on this point.

His favorite food is ochazuke (rice with green tea). Nix grew up at an unknown Air Base and enlisted in the Air Force, wanting to be a pilot. However, he was unjustly discharged from the military due to a dispute with a superior officer. Since then, he has been searching for his life goal.

As an aspiring pilot, he has always had a good eye and high dynamic vision. Although he can easily handle challenging songs in IIDX, he rarely plays the game seriously and only plays it for fun. He usually works part-time at a gas station and plays around Shinjuku and Shibuya.

He has always loved games and music, and in IIDX, he likes the music of TaQ. He often listens to hard and austere music such as DRUM'N BASS and BIG BEAT. He and Erika, whom he often sees at the store (ROOTS26), seem to have the same taste.

He has been staying at Siren's house for almost a year without permission. He hates summer and always keeps his room air conditioned at a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius[note 1]. He does his best to stay away from places without air-conditioners, and ends up in a bad mood at his part-time job in the summer. On the other hand, he's not pleasant during winter either. Once he gets into the kotatsu up to his head, he never comes out. During winter, he basically becomes a turtle. Of course, Siren pays the high utility bills, and they both catch colds.

A foreigner named Eiri invades his territory, Siren's house, but he lets Nix use his bike and the two hit it off well. However, after Nix wrecked his bike once, Eiri was so angry with him that he made him eat a "zazamushi" (culinary aquatic Japanese insect). Of course, Nix left the accident without so much as a scratch.

Arcadia (ROOTS26)

Half Japanese, half American. He enjoys American culture, yet his favorite food is Ochazuke (green tea over rice). He was raised at an unknown air base and joined the Air Force aiming to become a pilot, but got into trouble and was discharged. Since then, he has become an aimless wanderer. He has a strong love for games and music, and in IIDX he enjoys playing the hottest songs. He can easily score on even the most difficult songs in the game due to his pilot training and sharp eyesight. However, his lethargic personality holds him back. He was forced to take a part-time job as an English teacher, but lately, he seems to be slacking off.

He and Shi-low tend to argue, yet they still drink together without saying a word. In contrast, he and Erika are good friends and are both in a ramen club together. Currently, he has been staying at Siren's apartment long-term, alongside Eiri (who Nix fixed his bike for, only for it to be broken shortly after) and is the main reason why the electricity bill is so high. To avoid paying rent he would say something along the lines of "If I pay the rent, that means I've lost." and every time he says it he is forced to give up a meal. In the summer he always leaves the air-conditioner on, and in the winter he hogs the kotatsu. Once he enters the kotatsu, he'll never emerge. Oranges, TV, and Ochazuke are essential.

Whenever Siren and Eiri aren't around, he works out in secret. Even if he got himself into an accident, he usually comes out unscathed due to his training. He is now living a carefree life, falling down the ladder of the elite. When will the day come when he will be able to see what the world has to offer? Or rather, will it ever come?

Video Appearances


  1. 64.4 degrees Farenheit

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