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Shi-Low in Arcadia Magazine

Character Information

Old DJ #05/New DJ #03 - SHI-LOW, (pronounced - shilow (士朗/しろう-/shirou)
Full Name - Shirou Kanzaki (神崎士朗)
Age - 23
Blood type - B
Birthplace - Tokyo
Likes - karasumi, foie gras, konowata, caviar, ftubuuni, truffles, techno, kittens (but not to eat ;_;)
Introduced in - IIDX 3rd Style, but didn't appear in videos until IIDX 5th Style
Voice Actor - Hikaru Midorikawa

Character Backstory

Shi-low's first appearance in IIDX was on the 3rd style poster. Shi-low lives in Nakano, in Tokyo. Half Japanese, half American, he is nevertheless somewhat of a traditional Japanese man. His mother is French-American, and was a former Miss Universe; his father is a swordsman, with whom he's studied an undetermined form of iai-do. However, after a fight with his father (of the argument kind), Shi-low left home. Still, Shi-low is very disciplined, and hates people with unconcerned, vague attitudes. Shi-low also loves cats, and lives with a stray he rescued.

Shi-low started playing IIDX after the release of 2nd style. His first game ended when he failed Dr.LOVE, but he can easily pass songs like DXY! and THE SAFARI now. He sees Yuz as his main opponent in the IIDX scene, but as hard as he tries he seems to always be a step behind Yuz. Their battle of wills continues to this day. Shi-low really hates losing.

On the outside, Shi-low seems a calm, quiet person, but he burns with an internal passion. For example, when he was into Punchmania, he would play so hard as to almost break the cabinet, and he left a nice gash in Yuz' forehead after an argument once. Aside from his continuing rivalry with Yuz and his friendship with Celica, Shi-low has also known Erika for a number of years. When Siren first came to Japan, he was really taken by Shi-low's ... well, Japanese-ness, and always wanted to play against him, much to Shi-low's annoyance. He seems to be quite popular in Celica's circle of friends, popular both with the men and the women - even Nyah! Shi-low is the type that naturally becomes the center of a group of people.

Video Appearances

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