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This page is for the beatmania IIDX character named Himiko. For the 朱雀 VS 玄武 song, please see Himiko.

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Character Information

Himiko as seen in 次葉 -turn the page-

Japanese: ヒミコ (Himiko)
Full Name: 卑弥呼
Age: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Likes: ?
First Appearance: beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS

Character Backstory

The Golden Liner

Further Information:

Himiko is the founder of the Umegiri family, and their greatest arch-enemy for centuries. The primary mission of the Umegiri bloodline is to prevent Himiko's resurrection. At an unknown time over 1800 years ago, a life form that crossed time and space and descended to Earth along with the demon known as "Jashino Orochi". About 1800 years ago, she started calling herself "Himiko," and sent people to conduct human body remodeling experiments. Through manipulation, she took control of the local region of Yamatai-koku.

She gathered warriors from all over the region, and performed the secret art of "Blood Magatama", "creating" twenty-six warriors in the process. However, just as she was about to conquer Japan, she was killed by the twenty-six warriors led by the one who shared her blood with Himiko the most, Ichiyo (whose name means "the first"). Under the twenty-sixth moon, the twenty-six warriors opened the door to the "Divine Realm", an alternate space deep within the lunar crust where the main source of Himiko's power is located, and performed a sealing ritual on her using all of their life force.

Himiko's body in Divine Realm was pierced thousands of times, which dispersed Himiko's spiritual power and sealed her so that she could not revive. Due to the actions and power of this seal (known to the Kanzaki family as the "Shadow Pillar"), descendants of the twenty-six warriors, such as the Umegiri family and the Kanzaki family, have access to superhuman and magical abilities that are impossible for normal humans to perform.

As it turns out, the name of the entity that fell to Earth from an alternate space-time was "Amterum Ohmicum."

Himiko and the Kanzaki family

The Kanzaki family is one of the twenty-six families descended from the original twenty-six warriors. On the surface, the Kanzaki family carries on the Kanzaki-ryu ancient martial arts to the present day. Secretly, they are the darkest of the Twenty-six families, and at the request of the political world and those in power at the time, they are a secret weapon that disposes of their clients "adversaries". Even if their targets are women or children, they show no mercy, acting as a hidden blade to whoever hires them.

"Himiko" is enshrined by Genji Kanzaki, the current Kanzaki patriarch, in a mission to seek even greater power. In order to regain his family's fading power given by Himiko over 1800 years ago, he is searching for the "Magatama", which is Himiko's divided spirit, to use as a catalyst. In order to obtain what he desires, Genji is searching for a way to embody Himiko's power.

At the time of her junior high school years, Saya Kanzaki had not yet been consumed by the power of the Himiko's ritual, which had been handed down in the Kanzaki family, and was at an age when she genuinely wanted to try out her own power. However, her father-in-law, Genji, had her take up the lead position in the Kanzaki families operations, which allowed Himiko to seize control over her.

Himiko's Divided Spirit (Magatama) Battle

The "Magatama", one of Himiko's powers used by Saya Kanzaki, manifested a replica of Himiko containing a fraction of her power.

Ameto and Hihumi faced off against the replica. However, even though they were fighting against a copy only containing a fraction of Himiko's power, the overwhelming godly forces forced them to fight a last-ditch battle with Saya and the replica of Himiko, as both the "right" and "left" Shinobi Forces were caught in the middle of the battle.

The battle was a last-ditch effort between Saya and a replica of Himiko, and resulted in her defeat.


  • Himiko (or Pimiko) was a shaman queen of Yamatai-koku in ancient Wa (Japan).

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