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Character Information

Shilow's Resort Anthem appearance.

Japanese: 士朗 / しろう (Shilow)
Full Name: 神崎士朗 (Shirou Kanzaki)
Age: 23
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Tokyo
Likes: Techno, kittens, Erika
First Appearance: beatmania IIDX 3rd Style
Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa

Character Backstory

Arcadia (Goli's Graphic Gallery)

Half Japanese and American (with a preference for Japan). Back when he lived at home, Shilow used to play with his younger brother Ereki. He enjoys listening to techno music, which is in the same vein of Detroit techno. In terms of the genre, he likes minimalist techno for dancing, and intelligent techno for listening. Shilow's play history with IIDX started with 2nd style, and he shares an indomitable rivalry with Yuz, which continues on to this day. While quiet on the outside, Shilow’s a player with a burning passion on the inside. Out of everyone in his group, he dislikes losing the most. His favorite saying is "self control". Shilow prefers individuals who are upfront in what they want to say, and dislikes it when they are ambiguous.

Although sometimes overly honest, Shilow is popular among his peers, both men and women alike. He’s the type that naturally attracts people around him and becomes the center of the group. Even Nyah, who is strict with men, speaks frankly in front of Shilow. He is also a big cat lover and currently lives with a kitten that used to be a stray (with permission from the landlord). Shilow once tried to put the kitten on Celica's head and it rained blood. He was met with a fist of death soon after. However, when he put it on Erika's head, she stole it from him due to how cute it was. He cried when she wouldn't return it back. Currently, he lives alone away from his parents and is struggling with an unfamiliar lifestyle. Every day he has a difficult time cooking his meals, as his only specialty dish is meat and potatoes.

Arcadia (ROOTS26)

Half Japanese and American (He prefers a Japanese lifestyle). Ereki's older brother and a fan of all kinds of techno music. He's good friends with Yuz and both are passionate rivals in IIDX.

While quiet on the surface, Shilow's a player with a burning passion on the inside, and among his peers he hates losing the most. He prefers people who are "assertive" rather than "passive" (Erika is exactly this type of person). While he can sometimes be overly honest, Shilow speaks to others frankly regardless of gender. Due to his bluntness, it's possible this is the reason why Nyah, who is strict with men, speaks honestly with him. Shilow is a big cat lover and lives with a kitten (Bakeneko) that used to be a stray.

Originally, Shilow lived alone away from his parents, but has since than moved into a larger apartment with his younger brother. His specialty dish is meat and potatoes, which he learned from Erika. However, he's not a very good cook. In fact, both brothers are not good cooks. On her days off, Erika occasionally stops by to cook meals for the two.

Due to being the eldest son, Shilow must carry on the legacy of the family name and their long history of martial arts. In regular society, he omits the use of any title with political or state connections, and instead takes on the family name "Kanzaki" as his last name. Due to familial circumstances, Shilow left his home in order to push back his succession. However Ereki, unaware of the situation, consequently left the household around the same time as he did.

Shilow knows he will soon have to abandon the "Kanzaki" name in order to prevent his brother's succession, as becoming the head of the family is too much of a heavy burden for his younger brother to inherit. Once Celica and Erika's issues have been resolved, he will have to leave behind the easygoing life of long-lasting and fun-loving friends to disappear. Until then, Shilow hopes that he can continue to laugh and be himself, even if it's only for one more day.......

ROOTS26S [suite]

Heir to the Kanzaki family, who run a dojo that teaches ancient martial arts centering on the sword to the modern age. Due to an incident, Shilow has been separated from his family and now lives with his younger brother Ereki, who left the Kanzaki household in search of him. During the day he enjoys spending time hanging out with his friends, but at night, Shilow often wanders away from home, showing his true face unknown to Ereki and the others. When Shilow and Erika first met, he did not care nor did he pay much attention to her or the others, but he has gradually changed since then. Shilow is a cat lover. He loves cats.


  • According to Goli's Graphic Gallery (Arcadia Vol.28, 2002 September issue), Shilow's favorite artist is dj TAKA, while his favorite foods are truffle, caviar, and foie gras.
  • Prior to the October 2008 issue of Arcadia (Vol.75), Shilow was the fifth IIDX IMAGE CHARACTER.
  • Although he was introduced in beatmania IIDX 3rd Style, Shilow didn't appear in videos until beatmania IIDX 5th Style.
  • Shilow's name was written as Shi-low in earlier beatmania IIDX related media.
  • Shilow's ALFARSHEAR counterpart is known as Lau (ロウ).
  • Shilow provided the system voice for beatmania IIDX 30 RESIDENT, alongside Ameto.

Video Appearances


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