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Nyah in Arcadia magazine

Character information

Old DJ #09/New DJ #02 - NYAH
Pronounced - ny-ah, ny like the English "nice" (ナイア/naia)
Real name - Xiaozhen Wong (王 小臻)
Age - 21
Blood type - A
Birthplace - Hong Kong
Likes - Chinese food, yamcha tea
Dislikes - Zilch
Introduced in: IIDX 2nd Style
Voice Actress: Masumi Asano

Character Backstory

Nyah's first appearance in IIDX was the 2nd style poster. She lives with her grandfather in Chinatown; he runs a restaurant called Seiryuuka. Nyah moved to Tokyo from Hong Kong after losing her younger sister in an accident.

Nyah's IIDX experience begins with beatmania IIDX substream, so she's been around for a while. It's said that if she plays someone in a match and loses, she'll give her opponent an invitation to a one-day date over a full-course Chinese meal. For a long time, though, no-one knew if it was real or not; she never lost. Ever. Even to Yuz. Finally, though, she got careless playing against Zilch (who never left her alone. Ever. Even though he sucks) ... and lost. Even though she was sick the day of the match (with a 104 degree Celsius temperature!), the defeat was overwhelming, and she broke down in public. The gap between her usual cool image and her break down astonished and disturbed her friends. Even though Zilch even dressed up nicely for the date (though he screwed up other things, remembering Zilch's face really pisses her off since then.

Nyah's a trance fan, but has recently begun listening to jazz to cure the stress of busy days. She's strict with men, but gentle with children! Unfortunately, she seems to attract a lot of fanboys. Zilch is one of them, and she flames him pretty much every day (since he won't leave her alone). She's had a much more friendly competitive relationship with Yuz. She's also about as close to Lilith as anyone except Shem is. Lilith helps fill the void left by the death of Nyah's younger sister many years ago. (If she were still alive, she'd probably be Tsugaru's age. Speaking of which, Tsugaru really looks like her younger sister; the first time they met, Nyah nearly dropped the dinner she was carrying.)


  • Nyah and Tsugaru were the third set of UFO figurines sold by GOLI.
  • Nyah appears in the mini-game "Pairs N' Pairs!" in KONAMI's THE★BishiBashi arcade game.
  • Masumi Asano, Nyah's voice actress, sang Roots of my way!, which was in beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS and served as the ending theme of the first three beatmaniaIIDX Spin-off Drama Root26 S[suite] CDs.
  • Nyah's design was changed in beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem, with her hair being slightly longer.

Video Appearances

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