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Character Information

  • Japanese: ファーボ (FB, Fa-bo)
  • Age: ?
  • Blood Type: ?
  • Birthplace: ?
  • Likes: Sushi, wasabi, candy
  • First Appearance: beatmania IIDX 2nd style

Character Description

A green alien...?

A strange creature whose origin and existence are a mystery. Fireboy shows levels of high intelligence, but it seems he is suffering from severe amnesia and is only able to demonstrate his intellect occasionally. He can understand and speak human languages, but is extremely shy and spends most of his time as a stuffed animal in front of everybody except for a few people, including Tekka.

During the day, Fireboy lived among the stuffed toys inside the prize machines at Shiki's arcade. Once the store closed, he would gobble up the candy from other prize machines. Over time, Shiki began to wonder why a strange amount of candy was quickly disappearing.

On one instance late at the night, while Shiki was patrolling the arcade, he spotted Fireboy playing IIDX. Due to the dim lighting however, he mistook the alien for a Zashiki Warashi-like being. The next day, Shiki explained his confrontation from the previous night to his fellow IIDX players, but none of them believed him and the matter was forgotten.

One day, while attempting to win a TRAN stuffed toy, Tekka mistakenly picked up Fireboy with a crane and won him as a prize. The alien stayed motionless throughout the rest of the day, only for Tekka to discover him in the middle of the night scavenging for sushi. Taking a liking to the strange creature, Tekka forced the alien to stay in his home. Fireboy told Tekka of his missing memory and of his time living in Shiki's arcade, and since then has been living as a houseguest at Tetsu Sushi. He now enjoys eating the wasabi placed between the rice and fish of sushi.

Nowadays, Fireboy often goes to the arcade with Tekka to play IIDX, who used to play it alone in the middle of the night. He also has a dislike for cats after Shilow's cat chased after him while carrying a lunch box full of sushi, and even formed an alliance with Celica to put up a no-cats ban within stores. When he can't clear a song in IIDX, he goes haywire and begins to shout in a strange language.

Video Appearances


  • Although he was introduced in beatmania IIDX 2nd style (as Fire Boy), Fireboy didn't receive a profile until beatmania IIDX 10th style.
  • Starting in beatmania IIDX 8th style, Fireboy is seen in all the fail screens for DAN Mode. (He's also seen on the fail screens in beatmania IIDX 10th style.)

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