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This page is for the IIDX character Shiki. For the BEMANI artist, please see SHIKI.

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Shiki in Arcadia magazine

Character Information

Old DJ #10/New DJ #12 - Shiki
Age - ?
Blood type - AB
Birthplace - Okinawa
Likes - Sampling Masters MEGA, lafti, tako rice, Saataa andagii, Gradius, trance
Introduced in: AC 5th style

Character backstory

5th style poster debut. From Urazoe, Okinawa. Shiki moved to Tokyo upon graduating from high school. He was essentially Yuz's student when it comes to IIDX; now they argue a lot over who's more of a "true gamer". But mostly not in IIDX; you see, Shem is also a big fan of shooting games (like his favorite, Gradius) and loves game music, and has been getting into online games recentely. Fortunately for him, he somehow managed to become the manager of a certain game center.

Shiki likes Chinese-style dresses; unsurprisingly, he stops by Blue Dragon Flower a lot on his days off. Whenever he goes, though, he ends up bringing a lot back for his wife and only daughter. (Shiki is a very devoted husband and father, even though he's relatively young.) He started a comedy trio routine with Zilch and K-na to try to get on a popular comedy program, but the excessive novelty of their routine led to failure. Not to be daunted (too much) by failure, they've since formed a band.

Video Appearances

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