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Saya in Arcadia magazine

Character Information

DJ# - 18
Name: Saya Kanzaki (神埼紗矢)
Age: ?
Blood Type: ?
Birthplace: ?
Likes: Snow, her father, clothes
Introduced in: AC EMPRESS
Voice Actress - Nana Mizuki

Character Backstory

Saya came to Tokyo looking for Ereki, at the behest of an unknown individual. Staying under the shelter of a canopy during a rainstorm, Iroha ran into her. After asking Iroha about him, both ran into Ameto and Lilith, where Ameto and Iroha were reunited. Soon after, Ereki ran into the group, and, to his consternation, also ran into Saya.

She is known as being very focused on her goals. She can also experience rapid mood swings, being friendly one moment and psychotic the next.


  • Saya is apparently the sister of Ereki and Shilow and the middle of the three siblings. Like her two brothers, she has considerable skills with a sword.
  • Saya is a friend of Ameto.
  • Appears as the final enemy of beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL's -Densetsu renkin- PENDUAL TALISMAN (-伝説錬金- PENDUAL TALISMAN) event, possessed by Himiko.

Video Appearances

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