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Ereki in Arcadia magazine

Character Information

Old DJ #14/New DJ #16 - EREKI
Full Name: Ereki Kanzaki (神埼慧暦)
Age - 22
Blood type - B
Birthplace - Tokyo
Likes - collecting armor, chawanmushi, oden, rock music
Introduced in - IIDX 6th Style
Voice Actor - Jun Fukuyama

Character Backstory

Ereki is Shi-low's younger brother, and bitter. Since Shi-low left the house, he's had to take on all the responsibility that would have fallen on Shi-low's shoulders. He's kind of antagonistic towards Shi-low due to this. (It also hasn't helped that Shi-low teased him more than he meant to when they lived in the same house.) He tans and dyes his hair, and even remained silent in front of Shi-low to hide his identity. Even though Shi-low now knows about Ereki, the younger brother has still kept his look, and it seems to suit him pretty well. He also hates cats.

Ereki has the shortest IIDX history, and has little experience. Still, he plays earnestly, so that he can defeat Shi-low and make him return to their household. He's proud of three of his special techniques: the Ere-kick (which is SOLID GOLD), the Sword Grab, and the "3 Second Soft Serve Meal". He's also the bartender at Shem's VJ bar, and serves his own self-made cocktails. He's also taken an interest in photography, and likes to take pictures of friends in yukata and swimsuits. He claims his tendencies towards peeping are only to try to capture people in character ... Still, it means he has pictures of Nyah to give to Zilch.

Video Appearances

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