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This page is for the IIDX character Yuz. For VJ YUZ, who worked on beatmania IIDX videos from beatmania IIDX 3rd style through 9th style, please see Yuji Takahashi.

Yuz in Arcadia Magazine

General Information

DJ #01 - Yuz, pronounced - Yuz (ユーズ/yuuzu)
Age - About 20
Blood type - A
Birth place - Osaka
Likes - techno (sometimes trance), spaghetti, Yoji Biomehanika, liquor, smoking (currently trying to stop)
Introduced in: IIDX 2nd style, but first appeared in videos in IIDX 3rd style
Voice Actor - Masaya Onosaka

Character Backstory

Yuz made his first appearance in the poster for IIDX 2nd style. Born and raised in Osaka, he's a typical Kansai kind of guy. He's also a great lover of techno, and is willing to search all day and night for a superior audiovisual experience. Hailing from Kansai, he's naturally a fan of the Osaka Tigers. Aside from IIDX, he's a big fan of shooting and racing games.

Yuz has gotten quite good at IIDX. His record playing against other people is spotless ... well, excepting one person. Aside from playing IIDX, he's done some freelance video and art work. Yuz is a pretty agreeable person, and he kind of plays the role of a big brother-like leader to Celica's group of friends.

Yuz is most closely connected to Shilow and Celica in the IIDX world. He and Celica go back several years; they first met as "mail friends", or email correspondents. This creates some tension between Yuz and Shilow as Shilow and Celica draw closer; as a matter of fact, Yuz got hurt in a fight with Shilow, presumably over Celica. (Never mess with a man who knows iaidou. In any case, this is where the bleeding Yuz image used in Rislim comes from.)


  • Yuz's name appears in certain course rankings, i.e. DRUM'N' and TRANCE courses from 2nd style and 8th style, respectively.
  • Yuz appears on the poster and console cover art for beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD.

Video Appearances

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