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This page is for the IIDX character Yuz. For VJ YUZ, who worked on beatmania IIDX videos from beatmania IIDX 3rd style through 9th style, please see Yuji Takahashi.

Character Information

Yuz's SIRIUS appearance.

Japanese: ユーズ (Yuz)
Full Name: 六波羅 甲 (Kabuto Rokuhara)
Age: ?
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Osaka
Likes: Techno, goa trance, takoyaki, sake, smoking (he's trying to quit)
Introduced in: beatmania IIDX 2nd style
Voice Actor: Masaya Onosaka

Character Backstory

Arcadia (Goli's Graphic Gallery)

Making his debut in 2nd style, Yuz is a Kansai man born and raised in Osaka. He's a techno lover who searches for great sounds and images day and night. Yuz is also a fan of the Hanshin Tigers, and grew furious when Celica told him that she didn't like their tiger logo due to it looking like a cat. He got back at her by playing the team's fight song, "Rokko Oroshi," endlessly on her headphones. On top of that, he also hopes that one day IIDX will add a techno remix of the team’s theme. He enjoys a variety of games such as shooting and racing games, and even installed a speaker system in his home to enjoy playing games with a 5.1 surround sound. Alongside this he is a freelance designer working in music video production. He is also a substantial IIDX player, ranking at the top second to none. Even though he’s tough on the younger generation, he’s surprisingly warm-hearted and quite compassionate. This makes him well respected among his friends, and is even seen as the leader of the group.

Arcadia (ROOTS26)

A man born and raised in Osaka. Currently he resides in the suburbs of Shinjuku and speaks with a thick Kansai accent. He's a techno lover who searches for great sounds and images day and night. Amongst other things he's also a Hanshin Tigers fan and DJ's at clubs during the night. Despite being tough on the younger generation, he also surprisingly has quite a compassionate side. He's seen as a leader among his IIDX friends, and has been working with the Konami Sound Team to have his own arrangement of Rokko Oroshi called the "Rokko Oroshi Shinsai remix" playable on IIDX. Currently he’s on his third revision, but lately he’s been stuck in an artist's block.

Yuz enjoys a wide variety of games, and is a regular at Shiki's arcade. He's an active IIDX player and has a high skill level. Despite being skilled he and Nyah have been active rivals, preventing him from becoming the top player. Due to being unable to win he has yet to try the full course Chinese meal given to anybody who beats Nyah in a match.

Surprisingly, his day job consists of being a designer in a wide variety of fields such as video production, publishing, web design, and others. He's even opened his own private office as of late with K-na helping on the tech side, who is treated like a full-time member (With a salary the size of a pea....)

ROOTS26S [suite]

An up-and-coming designer with a lively Kansai accent. He runs his own design company and business seems to be booming, however when he can't stand the pressures of work he'll retreat to the arcade to play games. Born in Osaka, he has loved takoyaki and okonomiyaki for as long as he can remember. Before becoming a designer, he worked at an arcade after arriving in Tokyo. However, nobody knows anything else about him besides the Umegiri family. In reality he is known as the "Right Head", one of the leaders of a group of ninja under the direct control of the Umegiri. When Celica first arrived in Tokyo, Yuz appeared and began to treat her as a friend, however he’s in fact watching over her in secret. He and Shem fear that Ameto will discover that they mistakenly brought Celica, Erika and Iroha together with the Kanzaki brothers while the two families are still at odds.


  • According to Yuz's bio in the IIDX Bible official strategy book, he and Nyah have been competing for the status of top player due to tying with an even score on a 10 round long match.
  • Yuz's name appears in certain course rankings, i.e. DRUM'N' and TRANCE courses from 2nd style and 8th style, respectively.
  • Yuz appears on the poster and console cover art for beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD.
  • Whether by coincidence or otherwise, Yuz's default outfit colors (black and yellow with white accents) match the team colors of the Hashin Tigers (yellow, black, and white).

Video Appearances


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