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Celica from DJ TROOPERS course result screen

Celica Mizushiro

General Information

DJ #02 - CELICA (pronounced - Celica (セリカ/serika)
Full Name - Celica Mizushiro (水城セリカ)
Age - 20
Blood type - AB
Birthplace - Fukuoka
Likes - Eurobeat, prince Akira, rings, computers
Hates - Cats
Introduced in: IIDX 3rd Style
Voice Actress - Mai Nakahara

Character Backstory

Originally from Fukuoka, Celica is now living alone in a certain place in Tokyo. Having graduated high school, she was accepted into the M college of arts, where she's studying stage production. (Since she really hates cats, and lots of cats live in the area around her school, she's always on her guard when walking to class ... )

Celica and Erika are twins. Their father was a world-famous pianist who traveled around the globe giving concerts. Their mother kept their birth a secret from him. In the middle of a terrible snowstorm that took her life, she managed to leave the twins in the care of an orphanage in Hokkaido. Celica was adopted by a married couple in Fukuoka, and raised lovingly as their only child. She still doesn't know that she was adopted. When she was 16, she came to Tokyo and settled in Shinjuku. Since then, she and Erika have played IIDX and gone to clubs every day; they get along very well.

Celica first played DDR when she was fifteen. She was really drawn to the Naoki sound, so she played a lot, and eventually wandered over to IIDX. As might be expected from a big Naoki fan, she likes fast songs with a good rhythm, but she does occasionally attend ambient music parties.

Celica has been friends with Yuz for a long time; they first started corresponding via e-mail several years ago. She's gotten to know Shilow pretty well too. She likes to use weird phrases a lot, and loved to say "What's up?" in English all the time.


  • She, along with Xiatian, were featured as the second set of UFO catcher figurines from GOLI.
  • She also is featured with Xiatian in the second set of UFO catcher remix figurines from GOLI.
  • She is the third figurine in the set of PVC figurines that GOLI is currently producing. She is under the name Celica Mizushiro -Punky Cat-. [1]
  • From beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD onwards, Celica's appearance has been changed to feature a skirt, new hair ties, two long pink bows on her back, and a trademark pink scarf.
  • Celica is the first IIDX DJ to be a playable character in pop'n music, reprising her role from the overlays as the rival character for 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!!,
  • Celica appears in the mini-game "Pairs N' Pairs!" in KONAMI's THE★BishiBashi arcade game.

Video Appearances

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