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Iroha on DJ TROOPERS course result screen

This page is for the IIDX character Iroha. For pop'n music 12, whose subtitle is Iroha, refer to its separate arcade and console articles.

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Character Information

  • Name: Iroha Umegiri (梅桐彩葉)
  • Age: 17
  • Birthplace: Kyoto
  • Blood type: AB
  • Likes: Castlevania, green tea, the occult, and mysterious books
  • Favorite phrase: "Yaya wa~!"
  • Introduced in: IIDX 9th Style
  • Voice Actress - Kana Ueda

Character Backstory

At the age of 18, Iroha lives with her grandmother while attending high school in Tokyo. She started playing IIDX because of Lilith. They also play at approximately the same level, which is currently Light7. Iroha met Lilith while watching cosplayers getting chased by the police in Shinjuku one night. Together, they formed the occult research club at their school.

It also seems that Iroha is sometimes possessed by another person, Sakura, a IIDX player who died after being sick. She had a fierce rivalry with Nyah and never won against her therefore she won't give up just yet. By controlling Iroha's body and challenging Nyah, Sakura is able to endure this for a while, but at one point or another, it becomes too intense for Iroha's body and she loses.

After the possession ends, Iroha's fingers feel strange to her and she speaks in a different voice.

She also has two older sisters, Hihumi and Ameto.


  • Iroha is one of the more popular GOLI DJ's, according to Arcadia magazine.
  • Iroha was the first figurine in the set of PVC figurines that GOLI is currently producing. She is under the name "彩葉" IROHA UMEGIRI -Candy Rabbit-.
  • Iroha, along with Lilith, was featured as the fourth set of UFO catcher figurines from GOLI.
  • Iroha is the youngest of the Ume sisters. Like her other sisters, she has great magic potential but is the least experienced in using it.

Video Appearances

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