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Character Information

Duel's HEROIC VERSE appearance.

Old DJ #03/New DJ #11 - DUEL
Real name - Leonard Baxter
Age - 23
Blood type - O
Birthplace - London
Likes - black tea (drinking milk tea), sushi, Drum'n Bass, Happy Hardcore
Introduced in: IIDX 3rd style, but didn't appear in videos until IIDX 7th style

Character Backstory

Arcadia (Goli's Graphic Gallery) / IIDX bible

Duel is originally from East London, the mecca of clubbing, in England. In the past, he naturally liked clubs with an underground atmosphere, but recently he's been listening to music that incorporates a wide variety of elements.

A former hooligan with a passion for soccer, Duel was a teenager who often got into trouble for assaults. However, a fascination with Japanese movies brought him to Japan after a change of heart. Duel stopped by a video game arcade once, and fell in love with IIDX. He was so impressed with Japanese culture that he founded "TO-RA-YA," a company selling pure Japanese culture, in order to develop an online business for Japanese connoisseurs in his home country. He has been promoting Japanese music and culture to the world. He was a leading provider of Japanese music and culture to the world, but went bankrupt in the wake of the recession. However, he published a book, aided by his study of Japanese history and his hobby of memorizing dialects of various regions of Japan. His first book, "Matcha Milk Tea" became a phenomenal hit around the world. With the royalties, he bought his own IIDX machine.

Seeing the beauty of Japanese taste with the green color of wasabi, he has been going to "Tetsu Sushi" every day for a month. He was living an elegant royalty life, eating high-class sushi as usual. However, after the sushi, he sometimes orders a cup of tea, only to have Tekka's grandfather sprinkle salt on his face. Even so, he is picky about his tea time. He likes the tanning he and Ereki had at a tanning salon, and he promotes it to Tekka as well. Is it because of the Japanese beauty or because of the black hair of the red girl that Q-Jack is chasing around?

Arcadia (ROOTS26)

When Duel was a teenager in London, his parents' retail store went bankrupt due to the stock market crash of its parent company. Duel's life became extremely impoverished, and he became a broker in the black market in his mid-teens just to survive. His father fled to alcohol and drugs in order to escape his debt-ridden life, causing Duel to lose both the father he looked up to and his childhood dream of becoming a soccer player. The anger of poverty turned the once passionate soccer boy into a "hooligan" who repeatedly engaged in violent brawls at the stadium. Duel was blacklisted by the Scotland Yard (London Metropolitan Police), and hid in the underworld when he caused trouble. However, this life came to an end after several years when Duel was stabbed with a knife, and critically injured in a fight over territory rights.

While recovering in the hospital, a chance viewing of a Japanese movie introduced him to the colorful culture of Japan, a stark contrast from the gray, smoggy London he grew up in. From the movie "Otoko wa Tsurai yo," Duel came across the words "GIRI" (social obligation) and "NIN-JYO," (compassion) and decided to move to Japan. After traveling around Japan for a while, Duel decided to apply his skills and business acumen from his black market days to the real world. Duel developed an online business, and his books on culture from British and Japanese perspectives sold well worldwide, and he was able to live off the royalties. He has given his parents back at home a loan to rebuild their store, and is currently working on a new business venture of his own. Through all of this, he has always been supported by the memory of the milk tea his father used to make for him when he was a child.


  • Duel appears in beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS's poster and intro. He's holding a machine gun and bites a rectangular necklace.

Video Appearances


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