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Daruma in Arcadia magazine, in school uniform.

General Information

Old DJ #16/New DJ #14 - DARUMA
Full Name: Tatsuma Hayuki (刃雪達磨)
Age - 13
Blood type - AB
Birthplace - Hyogo
Likes - Hiphop, rock, home cooking, Tsugaru, good-luck dolls (dolls here is written "daruma")
Introduced in: AC 8th style
Voiced by - Yuu Kobayashi

Character Backstory

Daruma, like Tsugaru, is a student at the super-strict Tokyo Boarding School. Normally, he acts like a fairly uninteresting, unnoticeable person at school, and is usually sleepy and easygoing. In reality, he's capable of incredible bursts of concentration. During the intense bout of studying that preceded middle school entrance exams, his IQ passed the 200 point mark. In reality, he can be an incredible student ... when he wants to.

Contrasting his normal daily student life, at night he's a huge carouser and an uncontrollable pervert who sneaks into game centers and clubs late at night and hits on girls. Still, his powers of concentration manifest themselves playing IIDX, which is about the only time he quiets down. Since he frequents the game center where Celica and Erika's group plays IIDX, it's not surprising that one night he happened to notice Tsugaru, and was shocked to see her playing IIDX before his very eyes in a state so different than her normal day-to-day presented self. He didn't stand out much as a person at school, and at night he wore doll-like helmets and hoods that disguised his appearance, so he was able to befriend Tsugaru without her recognizing him.


Video Appearances

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