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Xia in her new costume

Character Information

  • Old DJ #22/ New DJ #08 - Xiatian (typically "Xia")
  • Pronunciation - 夏天(シアティエン/Shiatien)
  • Real name - Tianxiang Wong (王 甜湘)
  • English name - Arua
  • Age - 13
  • Birthplace - Hong Kong
  • Blood type - A
  • Likes - Singing, books, her family
  • Introduced in - AC HAPPY SKY
  • Voice Actress - Chiwa Saito

Character backstory

Xia survived the accident in which her older sister Nyah thought that she had perished. However, due to the great trauma of this, the accident caused Xia to lose her memory and become an amnesiac. She therefore had no memory of her older sister and of her family.

She was then raised by a mysterious man. This individual cared for her like she was his own daughter. He had lost his wife earlier in a storm, and so she was his only family left. He was a classical piano player, and Xia picked up her love of music from him.

Eventually, Xia learned about her true heritage. She then decided to come to Japan and reunite with her sister.

Coming to Japan, Xia met up with her long-lost sister. The normally composed Nyah was in total shock over her appearance.

She now lives with her sister, and also attends the same school as Daruma and Tsugaru.

She is often nice and gentle to others, but when angered can become quite fearsome.


  • Xia is featured alongside Celica in the second set of 5" figurines.
  • She is also featured with Celica in the second set of UFO catcher remix figurines.
  • Got a minor costume change in GOLD; her shirt was a seperate piece, she got a black skirt, dark blue leggings, and two salmon pink bows attached to her back.
  • Xia appears in the mini-game "Pairs N' Pairs!" in KONAMI's THE★BishiBashi arcade game.

Video Appearances

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