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Lilith on DJ TROOPERS course result screen

Character Information

  • Name: Lilith Hinazuki (雛月理々奈)
  • Age: 17
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Blood type: O
  • Likes: Fortune tellers, folk music, occult, beards
  • Introduced in: beatmania IIDX 4th style
  • Voice Actress - Mamiko Noto

Character Backstory

Lilith has been living alone with her brother Shem for many years; their parents died when she was young. Perhaps this has contributed to her quite, demure demeanor. In addition being Shem's devoted sister (she tends to worry and can't sleep if he's out late at night), she occasionally serves as an eyecatch for his fashion store and tends it while he's away. Although she's been playing IIDX since 4th style was new, she only plays on Light 7, but she's really good at DDR.

Aside from Shem, Lilith spends most of her time with Nyah, who she sees as something of a big sister, and Iroha, who is undoubtedly her closest (if not only) friend. Lilith hated Sakura when she still posessed Iroha, since she always made her look bad; it's not known what sort of relationship they have now. There seems to be some chemistry between Lilith and Siren, much to her brother's consternation. (Siren is probably the main reason Shem hates people with beards.)


  • Lilith is the second figurine in the set of PVC figurines that GOLI is currently producing. She is under the name LILINA HINAZUKI -Candy Rabbit-.
  • Lilith, along with Iroha, was featured as the fourth set of UFO catcher figurines from GOLI.
  • Lilith is one of the very few GOLI characters to appear in beatmania (2006).

Video Appearances

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