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Character Information

Hihumi as seen in CHRONO DIVER -NORNIR-

DJ# - 05
Name: Hihumi Umegiri
Age: ?
Blood Type: ?
Birthplace: Kyoto
Likes: Eurobeat, old books, (pure) gold, Iroha (messing up...)
Introduced in: AC GOLD
Voice Actress - Naomi Shindō

Character Backstory

Hihumi is the second of three daughters in the family. All three sisters were brought up strictly by their grandmother.

At the surface, the Ume family seemed to run a typical clothing and fabric shop. In reality, the shop was a cover for them for their real family tradition, which was the magic crafts of yin and yang, which included hidden techniques such as "Golden Touch".

Hihumi, at a young age, was responsible for maintaining and protecting the artifacts and books of the clan. While doing so, she learned many magic techniques and the abilities of many of the mystical items she took care of.

Sakura, who at that time was possessing Iroha, one day saw the items that Hihumi was protecting. Among them was a book of magical texts that had great power. Sakura felt that she could use that book in order to either cross over into the spiritual world or to gain a new body, so one day, she stole it.

Hihumi then came to Tokyo looking for the book that Iroha had apparently taken without permission. Using information from K-na, she was able to find Iroha and punished her, presumably by turning her into a rabbit. Since then, to keep Iroha disciplined, Hihumi has often threatened to use that same spell again on her.

Iroha, who currently attends the same high school that Hihumi did, was encouraged by her sister to adapt to regular society and to be good. In fact, Hihumi actually is very protective of her. However, in order to keep Iroha responsible, she is often strict to her, much to Iroha's displeasure.


  • Hihumi is Iroha's older sister and the middle sibling of the Ume sisters. Apparently, Iroha fears her greatly.
  • Also known by the name Hifumi.
  • Hihumi provided the voice lines on the in-game tutorial beginning in Lincle. She also provided the system voice for CastHour, along with Daruma (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi).

Video Appearances


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