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BLOOMIN’☆STAR is P*Light's second solo album, released during the Comiket 87 event under his pichnopop label. It is released alongside BREAKIN’★STAR, a disc which contains remixes of P*Light's songs from popular doujin artists.

BLOOMIN’☆STAR is P*Light's first album since he became a beatnation RHYZE member; the album itself features a long version of one of his SOUND VOLTEX songs.

Both albums are considered separate outside of the event and this page only focuses on BLOOMIN’☆STAR.

Album Information

Artist P*Light Bloominstar.jpg
Release Date 12/30/2014
Catalog Number PSOLO-002
Published by pichnopop
Track List
Title Artist From
02. caramel ribbon (Extend Ver.) P*Light SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH
03. Look up in the Sky P*Light feat. mow*2 HARDCORE UNITED TOKYO
04. Sexy♥Lazy P*Light NEW
05. crazy_tek P*Light SKETCH BOOK! Anthology
06. NINJA P*Light samurai DANCEHALL
07. STAR ROCKET (Extend Ver.) P*Light feat. Yukacco Daizzy
08. Cosmic Around P*Light vs Hommarju NEW
09. Shout It Out P*Light feat. Yuyoyuppe NEW
10. Future Flight P*Light NEW
11. Flowering Moon P*Light NEW

Producer: P*Light
Tracks 02 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Composers: P*Light, Hommarju
Vocals: Yukacco, mow*2, Yuyoyuppe
Mastered by DJ Noriken
Special Thanks: kors k, DJ Genki, DJ Noriken


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