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This page is currently outdated.

Song Page Guidelines

These are general guidelines for creating song pages. For further questions, please use the Talk page.

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''This page is for the sample song titled A song. For the song of the same title by The Examples, please see [[A song (The Examples)]].''

''Not to be confused with [[another song]].''

= A song =
  • "This page is for the (...)" line: this is an optional line used when a song has the same exact title as another (i.e. FLOWER and FLOWER (Kazuya Yoshii). In songs that have titles similar to other titles (i.e. Infinite and INFINITY) the "Not to be confused with" line is used instead.
  • Page title: it must the song title on its native language.

Song Information

The Song Information section includes some general information: artist, song credits, its first BEMANI appearance, etc.

== Song Information ==
[[Image:A song.png|thumb|A song's jacket.]]
Artist: sample<br>
Composition/Arrangement: sample<br>
Lyrics: sample2<br>
Vocals: sample3<br>
Original Artist: ?<br>
Album: ? (year)<br>
BPM: 150<br>
Length: 2:00<br>
Genre: SAMPLE GENRE (サンプルジャンル)<br>
pop'n music Character: ? [?]<br>
pop'n CG design: ?<br>
VJ: ? (overlays by ?)<br>
Jacket design: ?<br>
First Music Game Appearance: [[sample game]]<br>
Other Music Game Appearances:
* [[another sample game]]
  • Image: you can upload images using the Upload page. Most BEMANI games nowadays use jackets, though pop'n music and older DanceDanceRevolution games use banners instead. .png format and the highest resolution possible are encouraged.
    • Jacket formatting: the file name must be the song title (romanized and without Unicode characters).
    • Banner formatting: in DanceDanceRevolution, the file name must be the song title (romanized and without Unicode characters). In pop'n music, it follows a different format: (game) (genre/title).png (i.e. 20 FASCINATION.png, ec Ophelia.png).
  • Artist: the song artist, as shown in-game.
  • Song credits (Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics/Vocals): indicates who composed/arranged the song, who wrote the lyrics of it, and who sang it. These must be taken from the OST if available, otherwise from the song production information or other sources. Try to not put speculation here unless there's a good reason for it. KONAMI originals must have song credits, for licenses is not required but it's encouraged.
  • Original Artist: only for licensed covers / re-arrangements. The artist who made the original song.
  • Album: only for licensed songs (including covers and re-arrangements). The album where the song first appeared, and the year of release.
  • BPM: the BPM shown in-game, which might be different from the actual BPM in the song (this should be noted as a Trivia).
  • Length: the song length, taken from either OST or in-game.
  • Genre: the song genre, taken from in-game, the official websites, or albums (i.e. V-RARE SOUNDTRACKS). In parenthesis, the Japanese genre is shown (if available.)
  • pop'n music Character: the rival character in pop'n music, if the song is present in pop'n music. In brackets, the version of the character and its pallette are shown (i.e. Ash [3-2P].)
  • pop'n CG design: the designer of the pop'n music rival character. This line is omitted if the song uses a recycled character (i.e. Pinky Nick recycles DOLLAR DOLLAR's NICKEY, so the pop'n CG design line is omitted.)
  • VJ or Movie: the designer of the movie. This line is present in beatmania IIDX (as VJ) and GuitarFreaks & DrumMania songs (as Movie). It also indicates who made the overlays, if any.
  • Jacket design: the jacket designer, if available. Otherwise, this line can be omitted.
  • First Music Game Appearance: indicates the first BEMANI game where the song appeared. It can list more than one game if it appeared simultaneously in several games.
  • Other Music Game Appearances: lists other BEMANI games where the song has appeared.


The song lyrics, obtained from an original soundtrack/album if available. If a song doesn't have lyrics, None. should be put here.

== Lyrics ==
=== Game Size ===
==== Japanese ====
星の間を飛び回る 口笛吹き< /pre>

==== Romaji ====
<pre>tsumasaki de ayasu tsuki no usagi wa odori
hoshi no aida wo tobi mawaru kuchibue fuki< /pre>

Game Size and Long Version sub-sections are used for their respective song length. The languages listed in the sub-section can be Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, etc. Romaji is used for romanized lyrics, and English is used for an English translation of the lyrics.

Also, for licensed songs, only the game size is needed, as you can find the full lyrics anywhere (unless the game uses the full version, of course).

Song Connections / Remixes

A listing of any connection that the song might have. Song series, long version, remixes... everything can be listed here as long as it's not fan-made.

== Song Connections / Remixes ==
* A long version of A song can be found on the ''sample game original soundtrack'' album.

Much like the lyrics, if a song doesn't have any song connection / remix, None. should be put here.


Did the song received new charts? Does it hold any record? Nearly every trivia can be put here.

== Trivia ==
* A song received Double charts in [[sample game CS]].

Just a little note: Trivia is not for opinions.

Music Comment

Music Comment is a little blurb used in pop'n music and one DanceDanceRevolution game that is shown before the song starts.

== Music Comment ==
A cool song that makes its appearance here!

Must be in English. In the case that this section was not translated, put Untranslated here.

Song Production Information

Several KONAMI originals (and some licenses) have comments on the official websites or on the original soundtracks' booklets.

== Song Production Information ==
=== sample2 ===
It was hard to make this song, but we did it!

The Song Production Information must be in English. A sub-section should note who said the comment (i.e. "sample2" on the example above). In the case that this section was not translated, put Untranslated. here. If the comment does not exist, put None. instead.

Video Production Information

beatmania IIDX and GuitarFreaks & DrumMania songs have comments for the video or overlays on the official websites.

== Video Production Information ==
=== sampleVJ ===
Enjoy this video!

The same as the Song Production Information, but for the video, if available. In the case that this section was not translated, put Untranslated. here. If the comment does not exist, put None. instead.

Character Information

pop'n music characters usually have comments for the characters. Character bio and design information can be put here.

== Character Information ==

Even to this day, he is the most discussed bartender. His cocktail making that has been featured in magazines is very popular! There seems to be a mysterious secret ingredient... which apparently is unknown to even himself.

Birthplace: Cuba<br>
Hobbies: Tennis<br>
Likes: SUSHI<br>
Dislikes: Avocado

The same as the two sections above, but for the rival character, if available. In the case that this section was not translated, put Untranslated. here. If the comment does not exist, put None. instead.

Difficulty & Notecounts

One of the most important sections in the page, it depends of the game where the song is available. For examples of each game, see the Examples section.

A couple of general notes:

  • N/A on a rating indicates that the chart is available but it's not rated. DDRMAX songs are a good example of this.
  • For all tables: songs that made their debut in arcade titles (i.e. Shock of Love, Dreaming Sweetness, Decade) have their game appearances ordered by arcade titles first, then console titles in the table. The opposite (console titles first, then arcade titles) for songs that debuted in CS games (i.e. Time to Empress, One Sided Love, Days.)

Notes for some games:

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== External Link ==
* [ Idola MV]

{{GUMI 5th Anniversary party Presented by BEMANI}}

  • External Link: music video or any relevant link can be put here.
  • Other templates: song series templates and Stub template can be put here.
  • Categories: [[Category:Songs]] is the only category required on every song page. For a listing of other categories, see Special:Categories.


These are examples for songs of every BEMANI game currently covered by RemyWiki, so you can check them out and use them as basis for creating new pages.

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