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Kiyoshi Mizuki

Staff Information

Kiyoshi Mizuki.


Kiyoshi Mizuki is one of the founders of BEMANI, joining KONAMI in April 1996 and having worked since the very first beatmania game as a planner and graphic designer. His original proposal was a very different game - an electromechanical machine that incorporated music of different genres. The idea was later reworked by KONAMI and changed into what was known as beatmania.

Kiyoshi continued to work in the beatmania series until beatmania 4thMIX -the beat goes on-, eventually joined by other designers and planners. He also was in charge of the very first beatmania IIDX title, where as a planner he set the foundations for the series. Many of his beatmania animations were recycled for generic videos and unique overlays for beatmania IIDX as well, although all of them were either replaced or removed in later games.

Kiyoshi left KONAMI in April 1999, joining Nintendo EAD the same year as a planner, director, and artist. He has also headed the production of Swapnote, Miiverse and Miitomo.



Credited Works


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beatmania 2ndMIX


beatmania IIDX

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