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pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC

Release Information

  • Release date: October 12th, 2000
  • Platforms: PlayStation, Dreamcast

General Information / Changes

  • Two of the three missing licenses from pop'n music 3 (Bit of Love and LET ME FEEL SO HIGH) finally make their CS pop'n music debut. ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE was the exception.
  • pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC's official website is the first CS pop'n music website with staff commentary on the new CS songs.
  • The Dreamcast version of pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC was the final version of pop'n music released for the failing Dreamcast console.
    • Along with the port of Silent Scope (which was released the same day), it also was the last game KONAMI released in Japan for the Dreamcast.
  • Total songs: 41.

Staff Information

pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC Credits

  • Executive Producer: Kazumi Kitaue
  • Producer: Yutaka Haruki
  • Director, Sound Director: はやP
  • Sound Data Analyzer: ぱぺひな, Junichiro Kaneda, Yoichi Hayashi, Yuichi Tsuchiya (KCE School)
  • Main Programmer: SANKYU (39)
  • Programmer: Masato Akiyama (あきやま), Tomikazu Nakazawa, Noriaki Usuba, Sanae Okano (さなえ), Kazuma Tsurumoto (つる)
  • Sound Programmer: Eiichi Kitsukawa
  • PocketStation Programmer: Noriaki Usuba
  • Design Director: Isao Matsuoka (Mさん)
  • Graphic Designer: ヒロミ, Nagayo Orihara, natsu, Masanori Kitaoka (キタオカ)
  • PocketStation Designer: Nagayo Orihara


Arcade Version Songs

Returning Songs

CS Original Songs

Hidden Songs

Unlock Information

  • As always, time unlocks are the norm. 2 hours of play gets you the first unlock (Brit Pop), then every 30 minutes of play after that unlocks another song. All songs will have been unlocked after 5 and a half hours of play.
  • To unlock Brit Pop, pick Dona as your character and clear Punk as your second stage, getting 80000 or higher as your score.
  • To unlock Horror, on your first stage, get the last to digits of your max combo to be 44. Then, clear Visual 2 as your second stage.
  • To unlock Pops Remix, outside of beginner mode, get 90000 or more points on your first stage, then clear Lovely as your second stage.
  • To unlock J-Tekno Remix, outside of beginner mode, choose Ice as your character, clear your first stage with more than 80000 points, and clear any song as second stage with a max combo of 70 or greater.
  • To unlock Dance Remix, outside of Beginners mode, pick Judy as your character, get a max combo of 50 or greater on your first stage, and a score of 90000 or greater on your second stage.
  • To unlock Bonus Track Remix, outside of beginners mode, get a max combo of 37 on your first stage, then get more than 90000 points on your second stage.
  • To unlock Special Ending, get a score of 100000 on your first or second stages.
  • To unlock Classic 4, get a score of less than 20000 on your first stage, and CLEAR your second stage with a score of 26000 or less.

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