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DanceDanceRevolution arcade releases
Main series
1st (Internet Ranking Version / Asia/North America)
2nd (CLUB VER.1 / CLUB VER.2)
4th (PLUS) - 5th - MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME
SuperNOVA - SuperNOVA2 - X - X2 - X3 VS 2ndMIX
2013 - 2014 - A - A20 (PLUS) - A3 - WORLD
Solo BASS - Solo 2000
Karaoke - Karaoke 2nd - KIDS - USA
Disney's RAVE
Dancing Stage European exclusive releases
1st / 1.5 - EuroMIX - EuroMIX2 - Fusion

DanceDanceRevolution KIDS

Release Information

  • Release Date: December 2000.

General Information / Changes

  • This game uses completely unique hardware, referred to as "GSAN1" after the model number silk-screened on the board, as the platform was never officially named. The quality of both graphics and sound in DanceDanceRevolution KIDS is far worse than any other game in the DanceDanceRevolution series due to the limitations of this hardware.
    • Notably, characters are sprites that respond to the judgement of individual notes (as long as it is not still performing the animation in response to a previous note), much like pop'n music characters.
  • This game had its own cabinet designed to appeal to children. There was only one pad, with relatively large sensors. The design was much more cartoonish, with curved lines and bright pastel colors. It was also far shorter and smaller.
  • Songs are rated from 1 to 4 note icons, and only one difficulty is available.
  • Combo is counted in a strange way. The first two notes in every combo do not add to the combo total.
  • There are only four judgments: Great, Good, Fight, and Poor. Only Great allows for combos.
  • There is no score shown at all, but grades are still awarded.
  • None of the songs' versions in this game were shared with any other DanceDanceRevolution game. However, different covers of おどるポンポコリン appeared in multiple DanceDanceRevolution games.
  • No artists are credited for any of the songs, as all of them are covers.

Staff Information

To be updated.

Song List

Song Character SP Difficulty
アンパンマンマーチ チョコ かんたん ♪
めざせ! ポケモンマスター チョコ かんたん ♪
ウルトラマンガイア ヒイロ かんたん ♪
ダメダメのうた チュウタ ふつう ♪♪
全部抱きしめて ウィニー ふつう ♪♪
おどるポンポコリン アイ ふつう ♪♪
WAになっておどろう ウィニー ふつう ♪♪♪
ターゲット~赤い衝撃~ ヒイロ ふつう ♪♪♪
LOVEマシーン ピンキー ふつう ♪♪♪
プラチナ アイ むずかしい ♪♪♪♪
SHAKE ピンキー むずかしい ♪♪♪♪

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