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DanceDanceRevolution arcade releases
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DanceDanceRevolution USA

Release Information

  • Release Date: October 2000.

General Information / Changes

  • The follow-up to the US release of DanceDanceRevolution.
  • It runs on the EuroMIX engine.
    • As such, a background video that reads "Dance Dance Revolution third MIX" can be seen in songs such as MAKE A JAM!.
    • Despite this, the gameplay interface is vastly different:
      • After pressing Start, the songlist immediately shows up.
      • Difficulty is not chosen until after the player chooses a song.
      • Difficulty ratings for each chart are not shown until the player is prompted to choose a difficulty level.
  • The songlist is a mixture of 2ndMIX and 3rdMIX songs.
  • New Songs: 22
  • Total Songs: 26

Staff Information

To be updated.

Song List

New Songs

Licensed Songs

KONAMI originals

Returning Songs

KONAMI originals

Removed Songs

The following songs from previous North American arcade releases of DanceDanceRevolution have been removed from this game:


  • A cabinet of DanceDanceRevolution USA appears on a commercial of Skechers from 2002.

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