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DanceDanceRevolution arcade releases
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DanceDanceRevolution USA

Release Information

  • Release Date: October 2000.

General Information / Changes

  • The follow-up to the US release of DanceDanceRevolution.
  • It runs on the 3rdMIX engine.
    • Despite this, the gameplay interface is vastly different:
      • After pressing Start, the songlist immediately shows up.
      • Difficulty is not chosen until after the player chooses a song.
      • Difficulty ratings for each chart are not shown until the player is prompted to choose a difficulty level.
  • The songlist is a mixture of 2ndMIX and 3rdMIX songs.
  • Total Songs: 26

Staff Information

To be updated.

New Songs

Licensed Songs

KONAMI originals

Removed Songs

To be updated.


  • A cabinet of DanceDanceRevolution USA appears on a commercial of Skechers from 2002.

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