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Welcome to Wonderland!
アニメロ - アニメロ2号 - MICKEY TUNES
This page is for a game that has not been released yet. As such, expect frequent updates.

NEW pop'n music Welcome to Wonderland!

NPNM Wonderland.png

Release Information

  • Location test: February 7th - 8th, 2020 (JAEPO 2020)
  • Release date: TBA

General Information / Changes

  • NEW pop'n music Welcome to Wonderland! marks a full reboot of the pop'n music franchise, with a brand-new cabinet, game mechanics and more.
    • The control panel has been completely overhauled. The buttons have been made smaller and moved closer to the front of the machine to make room for a touch panel. The touch panel is used for two new note types:
      • "Light pop-kun" (ライトポップ君) notes can be hit either with the buttons or by tapping the touch panel in the correct position.
      • "Flick pop-kun" (フリックポップ君) note have you flick the touch panel to the left or right.
    • A barcode reader has been added to the top-right part of the control panel to allow for scanning in player characters.
    • Rival characters now use 3D models instead of the traditional sprites.
    • A new rating scale has been introduced. The location test currently only features Normal and Hyper charts.
  • GROOVE GAUGE is now vertical and on the immediate right of the player character; MUSIC TIMER is also now vertical and moved to the right side, to the left of the rival character.
  • New fonts are used for score, BPM, combo, and judgements.
  • Genres and backgrounds for songs prior to pop'n music Sunny Park, as well as their old rival characters, have been removed. It's currently unknown if they will appear in the final release.
    • The banners for returning songs have their genres and characters intact, while the banners for the new songs display the song title and artist instead.
    • Banners have been moved to the far left corner of the music select screen.
    • Rival characters for songs no longer appear on music select.
  • CHARA-POP was removed. It's currently unknown if it will appear in the final release.

Staff Information

To be updated.

Song List

This song list is taken from a location test. As such, it will be frequently updated.

Song title Artist BPM
Normal Hyper
New Songs
Phantom Joke UNISON SQUARE GARDEN 200 2 4
少年よ我に帰れ やくしまるえつこメトロオーケストラ ? 1 3
Returning Songs
Echoes 猫叉Master 150 4 8
Ferris wheel Dormir 94-198 4 7
恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!! あべにゅうぷろじぇくと feat.佐倉紗織 produced by ave;new 128 6 7
恋歌疾風!かるたクイーンいろは ねこまんまチーム! 120-168 6 8
水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて あさき 124? 5 7
創世ノート PON+wac 200 5 8

Removed Songs

To be updated.

Related Links

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