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pop'n rhythm

Release Information

  • Release date: February 2nd, 2010

General Information


  • Instead of using the regular pop'n controller set, you use the Wii Remote (right side) and Nunchuk (left side) to play.
    • Move the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, respectively to the corresponding buttons, downwards to hit the Blue buttons, inwards to hit the central Red button and outwards to hit the Green buttons.


  • 1 Player: Standard gameplay, using 5 buttons to play.
  • Multi-Player: Up to four players can play (depending on the game):
    • Pop'n Score Match: In this mode, players compete for the possible best point total.
    • Pop'n Gimmick Battle: A battle royale-style match where players can use gimmicks to attack each other while trying to get the top score. To activate your gimmick attack, wait until, while playing, your hands glow, then swing the controllers.
    • 2 Player pop'n rhythm: This mode is the same as the 1 Player mode, but the Button Bar has expand to 9 buttons. As stated in the manual, "each player is responsible for his or her side" (4 each, the central button is shared).
    • Activate! Pop'n Robot: Players move in unison to hit the buttons while aboard the Pop'n Robot (note: Gameplay is the same as in 1 Player.).
    • Pop'n Busters: Using only your Wii Remotes, players play while defeating ghosts. As stated in the manual, "each player is responsible for the three buttons on the colored pentagon that matches his or her color." The title of the mode is a reference to the Ghostbusters series.
  • How To Play: Tutorial stage.
  • Options: Adjust the game's volume setting or view the Credits.

Staff Information


The following characters are selectable to play as. After selecting your character, you must select a stage to access the song list:

The option to play as Mii characters becomes available when you obtain 40 points, in total, from playing. To access the Mii Selection, just click on the Mii icon in the Character Selection.


  • Kids Party Room
  • Haunted House
  • Future Disk
  • Sweets Stage
  • Cutie LIVE House
  • Special DJ Club

Default Songs

Song title Artist Category
Alright Supergrass License
Celebration (Kool & the Gang) Cover
We Are Family (Sister Sledge) Cover
Space Dog Sana KONAMI Original
Love Shack (The B-52's) Cover
It's My Life (No Doubt) Cover
This Fire Franz Ferdiand License
ABC (Jackson 5) Cover
I Want You Back Jackson 5 License
Virtual Insanity (Jamiroquai) Cover
Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles License
Take On Me A-Ha License
Every Little Step Bobby Brown License
9 to 5 Dolly Parton License
Funkytown Lipps Inc. License
The Final Countdown Europe License
Poker Face Lady Gaga License
The Fear Lily Allen License
Oops... I Did It Again! (Britney Spears) Cover
The Reflex Duran Duran License
Hangin' Tough New Kids On The Block License
Club Foot Kasabian License
The United States Of Whatever Liam Lynch License
Meikyoushisui TOMOSUKE feat. Asaki KONAMI Original
Venus Bananarama License
Ace of Spades '08 Motorhead License
Come Clean (Hilary Duff) Cover
Prince Charming Adam and the Ants License
PULSE 319 KONAMI Original
Ska Ska No.4 Anettai Maji-SKA Bakudan KONAMI Original
Echoes Nekomata Master KONAMI Original
Opportunity Saitone KONAMI Original
Pump Up The Volume M/A/R/R/S License
Rock 'N' Roll High School Ramones License
Jump Jive N-Wail Louis Prima License
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C&C Music Factory License
777★★★ EeL KONAMI Original
Shamshir Dance Zektbach KONAMI Original
S-S-PM&R seiya-murai KONAMI Original


  • When you first start up pop'n rhythm, you will be presented with an introduction/tutorial on how gameplay on the Wii works.
    • Upon completing the tutorial, you will be able to select the other four modes.
    • During the tutorial, POP-STEP-UP is played.
  • Poet's halo was removed, mostly likely due to religious reasons.
  • pop'n rhythm doesn't have any Downloadable Content, despite its manual stating that it does.
    • Also, pop'n rhythm uses the uncensored version of The Fear.

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