*Feels Seasickness...*

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*Feels Seasickness...*

Song Information

*Feels Seasickness...*'s NOVICE jacket.
*Feels Seasickness...*'s ADVANCED jacket.
*Feels Seasickness...*'s EXHAUST jacket.
*Feels Seasickness...*'s MAXIMUM jacket.

Artist: かめりあ
Composition/Arrangement: Camellia
Voice Sample: Nanahira
BPM: 82-248
Length: 2:01
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes



  • *Feels Seasickness...* is one of the two Highest Excellence Award songs of The 8th KAC Original Song Contest (The 8th KACオリジナル楽曲コンテスト). It was first unveiled during the final round of the SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN division of The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship. It can be unlocked in SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN from February 7th, 2019 via the Ω Dimension unlock system after clearing all previous Phase 6 songs.
  • *Feels Seasickness...* represents Yamata no Orochi (八岐大蛇).
  • Kanade Yamashina appears in *Feels Seasickness...*'s jackets and during gameplay in the second half of the song.
    • During the final round of The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship, a special overlay (along with Kanade) covered the top of the screen, with the score and song information windows being invisible. Kanade was also positioned differently, appearing above the chart lanes.
      • *Feels Seasickness...*'s jacket was simply credited to 蒼弐 CRAZY CAT during The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship as well.
  • *Feels Seasickness...*'s BPM values vary across its difficulties.
  • *Feels Seasickness...* was added to SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS コナステ's REGULAR course on August 1st, 2019.
    • It is also available in GRAVITY WARS コナステ's INFINITE course and EXCEED GEAR コナステ from February 5th, 2020, by purchasing the Konasute SOUND VOLTEX Music Pack vol.9 (コナステ版 SOUND VOLTEX 楽曲パック vol.9).

Song Production Information


Welcome to seasick show!
Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Camellia.
Thank you for choosing me.

Let’s see, the song I went with this time, “*Feels Seasickness...*” is a song themed around seasickness like in its name. And I don’t think it’s easy to speak of a song describing seasickness... really...!
I was wondering what kind of song would be most fitting to the KAC.
Actually, most of my songs that got into SOUND VOLTEX IV were in huge contrast to the “HEAVENLY HAVEN” subtitle; “Lowermost revolt”, “Xéroa”, “Venomous Firefly”, to be honest, I noticed these were mostly songs that reminded me of the dark abyss if anything.
With Speed Star Kanade? It was similar...!
This time, it was a result of thinking to just enjoy this time and make songs that aren’t too serious! Let’s actually stick to the theme of sailing!
“Seasickness” is the main theme of this song, and sounds reminiscent of a late night party.
I know I sound like I’m saying some crazy stuff, but it’s still relatively logical.

Moreover, because the previous chosen KAC song “Xéroa” was quite blunt, I also thought I’d try to make a song with a sound that made people go “Have you ever heard such a boss song!?” this time.
As a result, I went for a bass-like sound, based on other bass music Glitch Hop, Trap, and Bigroom, and more boldly adopted some Jazz/Swing elements, and I think the song went in a completely different musical direction from your standard boss song.
This is the KAC, so I wanted to abuse Soflan in order to give the theme of “seasickness”, and go as far as to include some strange rhythms such as quintuplets and offset 24th bass notes, then by the second half become high-speed triplet hardcore that you can “kinda get but also don’t”, and becomes a really fun(?) tune!
Then the charter decided to spin the camera a lot, swinging the lanes around like raging waves on a boat, making you feel sick, that being said, I think I’d want any actual results of seasickness kept around here.

Finally, you may have all heard a voice familiar to everybody, and that is nanahira speaking!
Her speaking is only minimal, and this song was just credited to “Camellia” alone, but you can really tell that insanely cute voice among the insanely messed up beats.
It gives quite a S!ck sound as everyone dives into the vivid waves.
For nanahira, I just got “it’s OK” for her comment.
Whenever you dip yourself in that “oke (tub)”, you get to feel warm thoughts even while you cross the stormy seas. Actually quite deep~!

So, this year’s song has about one or two insane things in its chart that every top player can expect, and I am looking forward to seeing you all get this song on your hands.
Thank you very much. Camellia, out~!

Difficulty & Notecounts

SOUND VOLTEX difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki.)

Game Level
Max Chain 1062 1353 1895 2827 -
Effected By PH~rogressive CRAZY KID ~PH~rogressive CRAZY KID ~PH~rogressive CRAZY KID ~PH~rogressive CRAZY KID -
Jacket Artists 暴★龍★酔★臨★め・ちゃ・く・ちゃ・やばいじゃ~ん! -{八岐大蛇}-野増菜火菜帝∞蒼弐 五臓六腑に染み渡る…豚骨肴の合わせ出汁!究極の麺を喰らっちゃえ★ -{八岐大蛇}-野増菜火菜帝∞蒼弐 四躰八ツ手の乙女達!漆黒営業糞喰らえ!暴龍天軒だよ豚野郎! -{八岐大蛇}-野増菜火菜帝∞蒼弐 超ヤバ激辛★ヤマタノオロチ麺!!!残さず食べてね♥おに~ちゃん♥ヒック -{八岐大蛇)-野増菜火菜帝∞蒼弐 -
SOUND VOLTEX IV→Present 8 15 18 20 -
SOUND VOLTEX III コナステ 8 15 18 20 -
SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR コナステ 8 15 18 20 -
The 8th KACオリジナル楽曲コンテスト
Highest Excellence Award ΣmbryØ - *Feels Seasickness...*
Excellence Award Cross Fire - GODHEART
Prize Award Destiny - THE HEAVEN - ULTRAVELOCITY - 祝福の色彩は想い結ぶ君たち迄
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Glorious Journey - Jacob’s Elevator - JǗPIT𝚿R ♃ GЯÃVITÝ - ЯegreT of MemoRy
Sacrifice Escape: 不条理の模倣による感情と代償 - SociuS - THE凸GENERATOR - Turn the story -Xicholauncher
Ω Dimension
Phase 1 神獄烙桜 - ULTiMATE INFLATiON - Juggler's Maddness - Dyscontrolled Galaxy - Deadly force - Mirrorwall - セイレーン 〜悲壮の竪琴〜
Staring at star
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A Lasting Promise - Last Resort
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Awakening - Xéroa
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Another Chapter - コメット⇒スケイター - 光射す澪のユズリハ - オニユリ - サイコパスラビット - そして黄金郷へ - 水簾ノ調 -
Absolute Domination - Failnaught - Fly Like You
Phase 6 Destiny - THE HEAVEN - ULTRAVELOCITY - 祝福の色彩は想い結ぶ君たち迄
Cross Fire - GODHEART
ΣmbryØ - *Feels Seasickness...*
Phase 7 ΩVERFLOW - petits fours - Sudden Visitor - 星の透る夏空に願う
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OUTERHEAVEN - θコトノハθカプセルθ
* Erm, could it be a Spatiotemporal ShockWAVE Syndrome...?