Perfect Comes

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Perfect Comes

Perfect Comes is lapix's second solo album, released during the Comiket 89 event under his MEGAREX label. It features a long version of one of his SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- original songs, plus USAO as a guest. It also has a second CD with remixes by other artists; two of his SOUND VOLTEX songs are also remixed.

Album Information

Perfect Comes
Artist lapix PerfectComes.jpg
Release Date 12/31/2015
Catalog Number MRX-009
Published by MEGAREX
Disc 1
Title Artist From
01. Discloze (Extended) lapix SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS
02. Perfect Comes ft. Shully lapix NEW
03. Psychedelic Tokyo Underground lapix NEW
04. Head Shot lapix NEW
06. Ultra Funktion Pt.2 lapix NEW
07. Raving Day Break lapix NEW
08. Survivor ft. Kent Alexander lapix NEW
09. Ubud lapix NEW
10. Youthful lapix NEW
11. Around The World lapix NEW
12. Just One lapix NEW

All tracks written and composed by lapix
Track 01 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track 05 co-produced with USAO
Vocals: Shully (02), Kent Alexander (08)
Mastered by DJ Noriken

Disc 2
Title Remixer From
01. Foolish Hero (P*Light Remix) P*Light SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
02. Drone (HiTECH NINJA Remix) lapix ABSOLUTE
03. Go Crazy ft. Luschel & Kent Alexander (DJ Shimamura Party Blaster Remix) DJ Shimamura Ultra Hitech 01
04. Ultra Funktion (Ryu☆ VS 青龍 Remix) Ryu☆ VS 青龍 Beyond The Limits
05. Crossroad (Akira Complex Remix) Akira Complex Beyond The Limits
06. Combat Signal (aran Remix) aran EPM -electro planet music-
07. HiTECH NINJA (MNK Remix) Massive New Krew Beyond The Limits
08. How About U (HyperJuice Remix) HyperJuice CANDY STAR
09. Midnight Doll (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) Masayoshi Iimori Beyond The Limits
10. Paradoxy (Camellia's "PERPETUAL" Remix) Camellia SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-

All tracks composed by lapix
Tracks 01 and 10 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Arrangement: P*Light (01), lapix (02), DJ Shimamura (03), Ryu☆ VS 青龍 (04), Akira Complex (05), aran (06), Massive New Krew (07), HyperJuice (08), Masayoshi Iimori (09), Camellia (10)
Vocals: Luschel (03, 05), Kent Alexander (03)
Mastered by DJ Noriken


  • Ultra Funktion (Ryu☆ VS 青龍 Remix) marks the first use of Ryu☆'s Seiryu alias outside of BEMANI and EXIT TUNES.
    • It also appears on Seiryu's second album, AO-∞.

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