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This page is for the 青龍 album titled AO-∞. For the song of the same title, please see AO-INFINITY (song).


AO-∞ is Seiryu's second album. It is a collection of all recent Ryutaro Nakahara's "dragon" songs / remixes from BEMANI games and doujin releases but also features new ones, including five collaborations.

Album Information

Artist 青龍 AO-INFINITY.png
Release Date 3/1/2017
Catalog Number QWCE-90007
Published by EXIT TUNES
Track List
Title Artist From
01. AO-1 (AO-∞ MIX) 電龍 beatmania IIDX 23 copula
02. VOX RUSH 青龍×sampling masters MEGA & sampling masters AYA NEW (jubeat plus)
03. Eclipse Zero (AO-∞ MIX) tūmahaB REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper
04. 3!dolon Forc3 青龍×Eagle NEW (jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus)
05. 檄 (AO-∞ MIX) Ryu☆ feat.青龍 jubeat Qubell
06. 256*256 青龍×t+pazolite NEW (REFLEC BEAT plus)
07. Ultra Funktion (Ryu☆ VS 青龍 Remix) lapix
(Remixed by Ryu☆ VS 青龍)
Perfect Comes
08. Castle on the Moon (AO-∞ MIX) 青龍 REFLEC BEAT limelight
09. Genesis at Oasis (AO-∞ MIX) 白龍 REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!
(beatmania IIDX 23 copula)
11. AO-0 青龍 NEW
12. 8a55 青龍 WE ARE THE BOSS
13. Deus ex Machina 青龍×BlackY NEW (REFLEC BEAT plus)
14. Dimension Sword 白龍 ShiRo - EP
15. ra'am (AO-∞ MIX) 雷龍 beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA
16. 3y3s (かめりあ's "0p3n Ur 3y3s" Remix) 青龍
(Remixed by かめりあ as "BLUE TURTLE")
17. Girl on Data 青龍×E.G.G. NEW (jubeat plus)
19. Rave*it!! Rave*it!! (AO-∞ MIX) 機龍 beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL
20. AO-∞ 青龍 NEW (jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus)

All Tracks Produced by 青龍 a.k.a. Ryu☆.
Additional Production: sampling masters MEGA (2), sampling masters AYA (2), Eagle (4), t+pazolite (6), BlackY (13) , E.G.G. a.k.a. COSIO (17).
Licensed by KONAMI Amusement (1, 3, 5, 8-9, 15-16, 19).
Ultra Funktion (Ryu☆ VS 青龍 Remix) composed by lapix.

CD Staff

Producer: Ryutaro Nakahara (EXIT TUNES).
A&R Director: Yuri Imaizumi (EXIT TUNES).

Design: FAVGEAR.
Illustration: Saeko Komiya.
Calligraphy: Tyjun Nagayama.

Promotion and Management: Kenji Odawara (EXIT TUNES).
Sales Promotion: Tetsuya Kawasaki (EXIT TUNES).
Executive Producer: Yoko Kogawa (EXIT TUNES).

Special Thanks

dj TAKA, DJ YOSHITAKA, L.E.D., Sota Fujimori, kors k,
Nekomata Master, DJ TOTTO, Qrispy Joybox, TAG, Yuei, Yoshihiko Koezuka,
Dai., Halka, Starving Trancer, Xceon,
All Ryu☆'s Family,
All Ryu☆'s Friends,
BEMANI All Staffs,
All BEMANI fans.

Title Remixer CD Shop
AO-∞ (P*Light Remix) P*Light アニメイト
8a55(Yooh Remix) Yooh TSUTAYA RECORDS
AO-∞ (lapix Remix) lapix とらのあな

All Tracks Production and Composition: 青龍


AO-0 is an EP released during the Comiket 91 event which contains "prototype" versions of two new tracks from the AO-∞ album.

Album Information

Artist 青龍 AO-0.jpg
Release Date 12/29/2016
Catalog Number QWCE-16618
Published by EXIT TUNES
Track List
Title Artist From
01. AO-0 (prototype) 青龍 NEW
02. AO-∞ (prototype) 青龍 NEW
03. Oshogatsu (Ryu☆Remix) (Remixed by Ryu☆) NEW REMIX
04. AO-Exclusive Non-Stop Mixxx Mixed by Ryu☆

All Tracks Produced by 青龍 a.k.a. Ryu☆.
Track 03 composed by Rentaro Taki.


  • AO-0 is a remix of an earlier Ryu☆ song, AO, from AO - EP.
  • "0p3n Ur 3y3s" is read as "Open your eyes".
  • All the collaborations' guest artists appeared on C.H.S's WE ARE THE BOSS compilation (including kors k under the Eagle alias), the same release where 8a55 first appeared on.
    • AO-∞'s version of 8a55 is also slightly different compared to the original one.

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