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This page is for vocalist Sanae Shintani's album ボクをさがしに. For the pop'n music song of the same name, please see ボクをさがしに.


ボクをさがしに is vocalist Sanae Shintani's fifth original album, released once again under her Sana alias. It is her first album in five years, following 2005's 蜜月 ~honey moon~. It is her first album to contain non-BEMANI video game music tracks on it. It's also her only album to be named after a song that also appears in a BEMANI game.

Album Information

Artist Sana Boku wo sagashini.png
Release Date 2/4/2010
Catalog Number LC-1862
Published by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track List
Title From
01. Infinity of Our Love Jp version Elebits: Kai to Zero no Fushigi na Tabi (カイとゼロの不思議な旅)
(pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE)
02. 雨音メランコリー NEW
03. Liebe ~望郷~ pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝
04. 神秘の森 Gensou Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.1 -Vocal & Piano-
05. ボクをさがしに pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝
06. 紅蓮の焔~原題:紅蓮心中~ GuitarFreaksXG & DrumManiaXG
07. シーサイド・スプリング Gensou Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.1 -Vocal & Piano-
08. 冬眠しよう NEW
09. 未来天国 NEW
10. Indigo Bird KONAMI♪MUSIC
11. 雪に願いを・・・ KONAMI♪MUSIC
12. White Eve pop'n music 9
13. Loveholic -Love Syndrome MIX- KONAMI♪MUSIC
14. Miracle Halloween (disconation J-EURO mix) Magical Halloween
14. (Bonus Track) NEW (GuitarFreaksXG & DrumManiaXG)

Composition: Naoyuki Sato (1, 10), Hideyuki Ono (2), Jimmy Weckl (2), Tomoaki Hirono (3, 6), KONAMI Kukeiha Club (4), Daisuke Ohshima (5), Genso Suikoden sound team (7), Hiroyuki Togo (8), sei☆shin (9), Metal Yuhki (11), Hitoshi Ozawa (12), Sana (13), ota2 (14), Asaki (bonus track)
Arrangement: Naoyuki Sato (1, 10), Hideyuki Ono (2), Jimmy Weckl (2), Tomoaki Hirono (3, 6), Hiroshi Fujimaki (4, 7), Daisuke Ohshima (5), Hiroyuki Togo (8), sei☆shin (9), TAK HIROAKA (11), Yuko Takahashi (11), Ayumi Suzuki (11), Hitoshi Ozawa (12), Asaki (bonus track)
Lyrics: Hiroshi Egawa (1), Sana (2-3, 5-6, 9-11, 13-14), Satoko Nakamura (4, 7), Hiroyuki Togo (8), Chisato Yukimura (12), Asaki (bonus track)
Vocals by: Sana (all tracks)
Chorus: marhy (1), Hiroyuki Togo (8)
Bass: Backy (2)
Drums: Hisanori Kumamaru (2, 9)
Rainstick: Hideyuki Ono (2)
E.Piano: Jimmy Weckl (2)
Flugelhorn: Hideyuki Ono (2)
Mandolin: Tomoaki Hirono (3, 5)
Percussion: Sota Fujimori (3)
Acoustic Guitar: Kei kawamitsu (4, 7), Hiroyuki Togo (8), To-ru Meki (9)
Flute: Kayoko Date (4, 7)
Oboe: Hiroshi Shibayama (4, 7)
Clarinet: Mizuka Motoki (4, 7)
Piano: Daisuke Ohshima (5)
Ensemble: TEAM440 (5)
Electric Guitar: 96 (6), Hiroyuki Togo (8), To-ru Meki (9), Nazo² Suzuki (12)
Toy Piano: Tomoaki Hirono (6)
Ukulelele: Hiroyuki Togo (8)
Bass: Macky (9)
Remix by: RED CARD GENIUS (13), kors k (14)


  • 雨音メランコリー marks the only time Jimmy Weckl ever composed a song with Sana.
  • ほしふり appears after a long pause after the end of Miracle Halloween (disconation J-EURO mix), two months before its debut in GuitarFreaksXG & DrumManiaXG. It was untitled and its credits unknown on the album. It was later revealed to be an Asaki song when the GuitarFreaks XG & DrumMania XG Original Soundtracks beginning edition album came out and revealed who wrote it.
  • ボクをさがしに is the first Sana album to be released outside of Japan, where it can be found on international iTunes stores. The album's name was romanized and slightly retitled to Boku o Sagashini.
    • However, both White Eve and Miracle Halloween (disconation J-EURO mix) are omitted.
    • On the American iTunes page for the Boku o Sagashini album, the following songs' titles were changed, respectively, to:
      • 02. AMAOTO Melancholy
      • 03. Liebe ~nostalgia~
      • 04. Mysterious Forest
      • 06. Crimson Flames~the original title: Crimson Lovers Suicide~
      • 07. Seaside Spring
      • 08. Let's Hibernate
      • 09. Future Heaven
      • 11. Wishing on Snow...

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