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SYNTHESIZED3 is Sota Fujimori's third album. It features two discs, with the pre-order bonuses being the NEO CONTRA Original Soundtrack disc and two downloadable bonus tracks.

First disc consists of songs exclusively made for the album, while the second disc consists of songs made for the KONAMI games GTI Club and Road Fighter, the two songs made for the compilation COMPOSERS and various other tracks.

The NEO CONTRA Original Soundtrack disc was never made available anymore after the release date.

Album Information (SYNTHESIZED3)

Artist Sota Fujimori SYNTHESIZED3.jpg
Release Date 06/09/2011
Catalog Number LC-2026~7
Published by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track List
Title From
02. Dear My Boy KONAMI MUSIC フル
03. Nu Romantic Disco NEW
04. with you... 2011 beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD
05. Try 2 Luv. U -SF Electro House Mix- DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-
06. Maximum Hop NEW
07. Just a Little Smile -SF_DubStep Mix- beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY CS
08. Need Your Love -Extended Mix- REFLEC BEAT
09. So Good!! -Extended Mix- pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET
10. Prophet Vibe -Extended Mix- jubeat knit
11. think about you KONAMI着うたFull
12. Sky Is The Limit -Extended Mix- DanceDanceRevolution X2
13. STAR FIELD -SF_"GACHI" Trance Mix- DJ HICO meets beatmania IIDX -Nonstop Mix by DJ HICO-
15. Hybrid Landscape -SF_P600 Mix- beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD CS
16. Never Fade Away -Extended Mix- beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem

All songs composed, arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Sota Fujimori
except Tr.13 composed by SADA arranged and performed by Sota Fujimori
Lyrics: Sana (02, 11), Kanae (09), Calin (10), Anna Quinn (12), Sota Fujimori (16)
Vocals: Sana (02, 11), Kanae (09), Calin (10), Anna Quinn (12), dj MAX STEROID (16)
Sax: H. Hiraizumi (04)

Title From
01. Welcome To GTI Club GTI Club
02. Smooth Drivin' GTI Club
03. Tangerine Sunset GTI Club
04. Trippin' Vibes GTI Club
05. One More Lap GTI Club
06. Drum'n Funk GTI Club
07. 60 Seconds GTI Club
08. Let's Drive The Funk GTI Club
09. Milano Selection GTI Club
10. Tokyo God Father Funk GTI Club
11. 100% Odyssey -New Mix- GTI Club
12. Free Race GTI Club
13. Satellite Strike GTI Club
14. Road Fighters Opening ROAD FIGHTERS
18. Time Attack ROAD FIGHTERS
19. Mode Event ROAD FIGHTERS
20. Mode Select ROAD FIGHTERS
21. Take Me Higher -Instrumental- beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem
22. New Decade -Extended Mix- DanceDanceRevolution X2
23. Eternally COMPOSERS
24. Fly Above -Piano Version- beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS

All songs composed, arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Sota Fujimori
Lyrics/Vocals: yoshiko (23)
Bass: Toshihisa Furusawa (03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10)
Piano: Sota Fujimori (23, 24)

CD Staff

beatnation Records: Takayuki Ishikawa, Toshiyuki Kakuta, Yoshitaka Nishimura
Design: Akihiro Yanagimoto(LABNOTE)
Artwork Coordination: Hiroshi Banno
Promotion: Shunsaku Shimizu, Atsuko Suzuki
Sales Promotion: Hiroki Yokoyama, Chika Uchihara
Director: Mariko Yamagata
Producer: Saori Amano
Label Assistant: Tomomi Iitaka
Label Producer: Tetsuya Osono
Executive Producer: Fumiaki Tanaka

Sota Fujimori would like to say thanks to...

dj TAKA, L.E.D., DJ YOSHITAKA, Ryu☆, wac, TAG, Qrispy Joy Box,
Tadao Kageyama, and all BEMANI Staff, Ayumu Kashizaki, all SSC Staff
Sana, Calin, Kanae, Anna Quinn, yoshiko, Toshihisa Furusawa, H. Hiraizumi,
SADA, Mariko Yamagata, Takayo Mitsuwaka, And All Fans!

Pre-order Bonus Tracks
Title From
Try 2 Luv.U (100% minimoo-G Mix) DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-
Prophet Five Neo Contra

Composition and arrangement by Sota Fujimori

Album Information (NEO CONTRA Original Soundtrack)

Artist Sota Fujimori NEO CONTRA cd.jpg
Release Date 06/09/2011
Catalog Number LC-2028
Published by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track List
Title From
01. NEO CONTRA Neo Contra
02. Trush Head Neo Contra
03. Safety First Neo Contra
04. Electro Mechanism Neo Contra
05. Perfect Zone Neo Contra
06. Open Your Mind Neo Contra
07. Abstruction Neo Contra
08. Violator Neo Contra
09. Ranking Neo Contra
10. Heaven's Beat Neo Contra
11. Nuclear Neo Contra
12. Nu Metal Neo Contra
13. Acid NRG Neo Contra
14. Drum 'n' Boss Neo Contra
15. True Last Boss Neo Contra
16. Dictator Neo Contra
17. Mystery G Neo Contra
18. Bad Girl Neo Contra
19. Lucia Neo Contra
20. Animal Contra Neo Contra
21. Master of the Universe Neo Contra
22. The Time Is Upon Us Neo Contra
23. 101 Neo Contra
24. Master Contra Neo Contra
25. Metamorphosis Neo Contra
26. Whale Neo Contra

All songs composed, arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Sota Fujimori (2003)
Lyrics: Jason Enos (01)
Vocal: Paula Terry (01)


  • SYNTHESIZED3 is the only album in the SYNTHESIZED series that didn't have a dedicated product page on the KONAMI STYLE site.
  • With 68 tracks, SYNTHESIZED3 has the second highest amount of tracks of any BEMANI artist album, behind Mutsuhiko Izumi's Third with 118 tracks.
  • Star Field -SF_"GACHI" Trance Mix marks the first and only song in all of the SYNTHESIZED album's first discs to not be composed by Sota Fujimori.
    • Star Field -SF_"GACHI" Trance Mix first appeared in the DJ HICO meets beatmania IIDX -Nonstop Mix by DJ HICO- megamix compilation.
  • Sota Fujimori officially revealed being dj MAX STEROID with the appearance of Never Fade Away -Extended Mix- in the track list of SYNTHESIZED3's first disc.
  • 100% Odyssey -New Mix- is an updated version of 100% Odyssey, the bonus track that was given by ordering SYNTHESIZED on the KONAMI STYLE site.
  • The song NEO CONTRA is the only time Sota Fujimori and Paula Terry have collaborated on a song.
    • It's also the only time Jason Enos has done any musical work on a KONAMI game.
  • The bonus track Prophet Five was never mentioned on the SYNTHESIZED3 album page to be a stage song of Neo Contra.
  • The NEO CONTRA Original Soundtrack disc became a separate release from SYNTHESIZED3, after the album's release date.
  • The NEO CONTRA Original Soundtrack disc misses several stage and boss tracks from the game Neo Contra, including Battle Train 2005.
  • The tracks Nuclear, Acid NRG, Nu Metal and Heaven's Beat were freely downloadable from Sota Fujimori's i-revo blog posts until March 31st, 2017.
  • While various Neo Contra tracks, including Battle Train 2005, were once made freely available in some websites, it was rumored that Neo Contra saw another, much earlier original soundtrack release. This release has never been confirmed to exist, however remastered Neo Contra tracks with different names do.
  • ANDROMEDA -SF_2011 Mix- uses the album cover of SYNTHESIZED3 as its jacket in the REFLEC BEAT series.

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