ILLness LiLin

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iLLness LiLin

Song Information

iLLness LiLin's NOVICE jacket.
iLLness LiLin's ADVANCED jacket.
iLLness LiLin's EXHAUST jacket.
iLLness LiLin's MAXIMUM jacket.

Artist: かねこちはる
Composition/Arrangement: Chiharu Kaneko
BPM: 280
Length: 1:59
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • iLLness LiLin can be seen as the dark counterpart to HE4VEN ~天国へようこそ~.
    • The effector credits of iLLness LiLin mention the word "dystopia", while HE4VEN ~天国へようこそ~'s ones mention the word "utopia".
  • iLLness LiLin shares a vocal sample with Xronièr, also from SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN.


  • iLLness LiLin is one of the two Highest Excellence winning songs of The 6th KAC Original Song Contest (The 6th KAC オリジナル楽曲コンテスト), alongside HE4VEN ~天国へようこそ~. It was unveiled in the final round of the SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN section of The 6th KONAMI Arcade Championship on February 11th, 2017. It was added for all players on March 17th, 2017.
    • They are the first songs to have a MAXIMUM chart rated Level 20, and the second and third songs respectively to have Level 20 charts after Lachryma《Re:Queen’M》.
    • It is the first time since the KONAMI Arcade Championship 2013 that there are two KAC Original Song Contest top winners instead of a single one.
    • This marks Chiharu Kaneko the first artist to have composed more than one Highest Excellence KONAMI Arcade Championship original music contest in the SOUND VOLTEX series.
  • iLLness LiLin's EXHAUST chart can be purchased from the SDVX Station after purchasing and clearing Sailing Force's EXHAUST chart or above.
  • RASIS and GRACE appear in iLLness LiLin's jackets.
  • iLLness LiLin uses a unique background, showing BOOTH-style Voltenizer Maxima with a surfboard.
    • In the second half of the song, RASIS and GRACE (as drawn in the song's jacket) appear. This does not happen when playing on NOVICE.
      • During The 6th KONAMI Arcade Championship final, a special overlay (along with RASIS and GRACE) covered the top of the screen, with the score and song information windows being invisible. RASIS and GRACE were also positioned differently, appearing together above the chart lanes.
    • The chart lanes become invisible in the last quarter of the song. This happens only when playing on EXHAUST or MAXIMUM.
  • iLLness LiLin's jackets were removed from the Korean release of SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN on December 27th, 2017. They were replaced by a generic jacket credited to -.
  • In Mesopotamian demonology, Lilin were hostile night spirits that attacked men. They had less power than gods.
  • iLLness LiLin was added to SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS コナステ's REGULAR course on August 1st, 2019.

Song Production Information

Chiharu Kaneko

It's been a superb period of time.

Haven't met you since a long time.

iLLness LiLin, I'll be glad if you enjoy it for a long time.

I appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement for the future.

Difficulty & Notecounts

SOUND VOLTEX difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki.)

Game Level
Max Chain 735 1191 1548 2095 -
Effected By MAD CHILD Dystopia MAD CHILD Dystopia MAD CHILD Dystopia MAD CHILD Dystopia -
Jacket Artists "滴る芳醇な紅"レイシス$ CP蒼弐Dystopia "棘闇へ導く紅"グレイス$ CP蒼弐Dystopia "LiLinの海に君臨する弐輪の棘薔薇"$ CP蒼弐Dystopia "七つの咎-罪と薔薇号"キャプテン‡グレイス&レイシス$CP蒼弐Dystopia -
SOUND VOLTEX IV→Present 7 15 17 20 -
SOUND VOLTEX III コナステ 7 15 17 20 -
The 6th KACオリジナル楽曲コンテスト
Highest Excellence Award HE4VEN ~天国へようこそ~ - iLLness LiLin
Excellence Award Fin.ArcDeaR - Immortal saga - Sailing Force - 超☆超☆光☆速☆出☆前☆最☆速!!! スピード★スター★かなで
Prize Award Gamerz FestivaL - infinite:youniverse - Make Magic - ΩVERSOUL
Accepted Songs Apocrypha - Chaotic Romance - Destruction & Qreation - dreamin' of u - DropZ-Line- -Fáfnir - Game Over
Grand-Guignol - Goddess Bless you - JUNKIE FLAVOR - Khionos TiARA - Legendary Road - PIERROT KNIfE
rhythmology study - Spirit of the Beast - Xibercannon - おにいちゃんハイテック - 獅子奮迅