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pop'n music★Inst Best

pop'n music★Inst Best is the first and only two-disc album of long instrumental versions of various pop'n music songs, with and without vocals originally.

It is the instrumental counterpart to the pop'n music Vocal Best series. DISC 1 Inst Best is made up of songs that were originally instrumental songs, while DISC 2 Karaoke are instrumental versions of vocal pop'n music songs.

Album Information

Unless otherwise specified, all songs are composed and arranged by the same artist.

pop'n music★Inst Best
Artist Various artists
Release Date 11/29/2001
Catalog Number KMCA-132~3
Published by KONAMI Music Entertainment
Track List
DISC 1 Inst Best
Title Artist From
01. Quick Master act deft pop'n music
02. penguin NAKATEK pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC
03. PULSE NAKATEK pop'n music 2 CS
04. ostin-art ostin-art pop'n music 4
05. 龍舞 ~DRAGON DANCE Revision-2 WORLD SEQUENCE pop'n music 7
06. Get on that train Q-Mex pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC
07. 宇宙船Q-Mex Q-Mex pop'n music 3
08. Streams Waldeus vön Dovjak pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC
09. ELECTRONISM V.C.O. pop'n music 4
10. E.C.M. PAPEHINA meets Haya-P pop'n music 2 CS
11. power plant youhei pop'n music 5
12. Don't Disturb Color Essence pop'n music 2 CS
13. penta-mode asparagus pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC
14. cat's scat Q-Mex pop'n stage ex
15. マシュマロ・マーチ まろりんズ pop'n music 6
16. 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ Q-Mex pop'n music 5
DISC 2 Karaoke
01. 恋のシャレード パーキッツ pop'n music 3
02. 透明なマニキュア Kiyommy+Seiya pop'n music 4
03. Love Is Strong To The Sky SAORI pop'n music 2
04. Candy Blue 浅井裕子 pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC
05. 水中家族のテーマ パーキッツ pop'n music 3
06. 恋は天然 Natural bear pop'n music 4
07. Miracle Moon(お月さまが中継局) Togo Project(feat.Sana) beatmania APPEND GOTTAMIX
08. 和你一起走 Cathy Lau pop'n music 3
09. Cry Out good-cool feat.KöHey from Medical Trance Peach pop'n music 4
10. HONEまで♡トゥナイト! REMIX good-cool feat. Mickin' & Tackin' pop'n music 4
11. une fille dans la pluie 新谷さなえ pop'n music 5
12. 時代を変えてくTeenage 馬場一嘉 pop'n music 4
13. なんか変だ! 新堂敦士 pop'n music 3
14. peppermint 浅井裕子 pop'n music 3
15. どうなっちゃったって チャーミングス pop'n music 5
16. 光の季節 ANNA pop'n music 2

Disc notes to be updated.


  • pop'n music★lnst Best is the only album in the pop'n music Best series that is two discs long, as opposed to the usual one.
  • ELECTRONISM is the only song on disc 1 that was originally a vocal song.
  • With the three exceptions of 恋のシャレード and the original versions of Love Is Strong To The Sky and どうなっちゃったって, all songs on disc 2 were also previously on either the pop'n music Vocal Best or pop'n music Vocal Best 2 albums.

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