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Song Information

不可説不可説転's jacket.

Artist: OSTER project
Composition/Arrangement: OSTER project
Guitar/Bass: ?
BPM: 140
Length: 1:52
First Music Game Appearance: jubeat Qubell
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes



  • 不可説不可説転 can be unlocked in jubeat Qubell as the 2016 Summer dig dig 祭 STAGE 2 unlock of the dig dig Qubell unlocking system. For more information on the dates it can be unlocked, please see this page.
  • 不可説不可説転 marks OSTER project's first original composition in the jubeat series.
    • With her composing 不可説不可説転, every member of beatnation RHYZE has now contributed at least one original song to the jubeat series.
  • 不可説不可説転's name is a reference to, in English, the Buddhism measurements of very large numbers to describe unfathomable sizes with, starting at 10 to the 5th power (洛叉 Raksha), then 10 to the 7th power (倶胝 Kutei), and then 10 to the 7th power times a number afterwards.
    • Of them, Fukasetsufukasetsuten is the largest number of them all. It is 10^7*2 to the 122nd power, or, written out, 10 to the 37,218,383,881,977,644,441,306,597,687,849,648,128th power.
  • In the iTunes release of the jubeat Qubell ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK album, 不可説不可説転's title is shown as beyond nirvana when the iTunes Store language is set to English.
  • 不可説不可説転 first appeared as a new song in jubeat plus' CHALLENGE SCRATCH. It was later included in the jubeat plus Qubell pack 4.

Difficulty & Notecounts

jubeat to clan difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and 1 to 10.9 from festo onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts / Holds 338 / 7 522 / 11 665 / 24
jubeat Qubell→clan 5 8 9
jubeat festo→Present 5 8 9.8
jubeat plus 5 8 9
jubeat plus (Android) 5 8 9
dig dig Qubell
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