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pop'n music 4

Release Information

  • Release date: March 18th, 2000

General Information / Changes

  • First pop'n music game to run on BEMANI FIREBEAT HARDWARE, which was also used for beatmania III, KEYBOARDMANIA, and ee'MALL. The colors and graphics were noticeably more colorful and more detailed than ever as a result of the more powerful hardware. Firebeat would be used through pop'n music 8.
  • First pop'n music game in the series to have speed modifiers. However, the only one is 2X.
  • First pop'n music arcade game in which new AC songs have HYPER notecharts.
  • First pop'n music game to tell you the BPM of a song.
  • First pop'n music game with categories divided by individual games (1-4, as well as an ALL folder).
  • First pop'n music game in the series to have a distinctive interface (1-3 were essentially the same interface with color differences). In addition, all the menus feature new music re-arranged by Seiya Murai.
  • Only mainstream pop'n music game prior to pop'n music ラピストリア without individual song, MISS, and FEVER backgrounds. Instead, several backdrops are seen in the background for songs.
  • Tatsuya Furukawa (good-cool) and Seiya Murai (V.C.O., Kiyommy+Seiya, natural bear, etc.) make their pop'n music debuts.
  • Hiroki Koga (Naya~n) starts writing his own music for the series.
  • Only game in the series to have two individual CDs for one installment. The first CD, pop'n music 4 arcade originals, contains all the AC songs, plus jingles and three new long versions. The follow-up CD, pop'n music 4 consumer originals, contains all the pop'n music 4 AC songs (except GROOVE ROCK), but axes the jingles and long versions for the 4 CS songs and new long versions of those songs.
  • Only pop'n music arcade game where NONE of the AC songs have ever gotten HYPER charts in Battle Mode.
  • Total songs: 86

Staff Information

  • Director: RYO KOMATSU
  • Sound director, composition, arrangement, lyrics, and sound effects: Seiya Murai
  • Assistant sound director, composer, and arrangement: Hiroshi Takeyasu
  • Music director (occasional guitarist): Nazo²Suzuki
  • Sound Data Analyzer: Jun Wakita
  • Sound Programmer: Youhei Shimizu
  • Software Program: Fukuda, HKSP
  • Character design and CG design: p-cat, Chiyo
  • Product design: shima-Q
  • Graphic assistance: Piu:KOHA
  • Background CG design: HIRO-PON
  • Hardware engineer: nozaki
  • Mechanism engineer and location test installation commander: Makoto

Game Modes

  • Normal
  • Excite
  • Party

Non-Rival Playable Characters

These characters don't belong to any specific song and are all playable from the get-go.

  • Nyami [4]
  • Mimi [4]

Full Song List

pop'n music 4 Full Song List

New Songs

Genre (English) Genre (Japanese) Song Name Artist Character BPM N Lv. H Lv.
First Stage
TEEN FOLK ティーンフォーク 時代を変えてくTeenage 馬場一嘉 Jyun&Shingo [4-DEBUT] 128 7 -
DO UP ドゥーアップ Joy! Reddy Yoko Mary [4] 120 10 -
PASSION パッション 今宵Lover's Day ミッキー・マサシ the KING [4] 162 11 22
NIGHT OUT ナイトアウト 透明なマニキュア Kiyommy+Seiya JUDY [4] 140 14 -
COQUETTISH コケティッシュ 恋は天然 ナチュラルベア RIE♥chan [4] 140 16 20
CARTOON カートゥーン TOON MANIAC Theme from "TOON MANIA" Henry [4-DEBUT] 160 19 -
Second Stage
KAYOU HOUSE カヨウハウス Nanja-Nai NAO with K Lyric by 所ジョージ NK2000 133 8 -
KARAOKE カラオケ 愛言葉~アイコトバ 課長マミちゃん 8・Taro&Okon [4] 133 8 23
FRIENDLY フレンドリー Over The Rainbow パーキッツ Poet [4] 140 9 -
AMBIENT アンビエント birds Sana SANAE♥chan [4] 147 12 -
VISUAL 2 ヴィジュアル2 Cry Out good-cool feat. KoHey from Medical Trance Peach Yuli [4] 184 20 -
Final Stage
FUTURE フューチャー ostin-art ostin-art ice [4] 145 18 -
OKINAWA オキナワ 夢そうてい Y.Morio & MINEHAHA Mayumi 130 18 24
SUPER EURO スーパーユーロ WE TWO ARE ONE LaLa Moore Elle [4-DEBUT] 160 20 -
DISCO GIRLS ディスコガールズ HONEまでートトゥナイト good-cool feat. Mickin' & Tackin' YUKI [4-DEBUT] 130 21 -
POWER FOLK 2 パワーフォーク2 君を壊したい 新堂敦士 Ash [4] 133 24 -
Special Stage
GROOVE ROCK グルーブロック 赤いリンゴ Lollipop Tonic featuring K AYA [4] 107 15 -
HORROR ホラー 妖怪Zの唄 ナヤ~ン・ブラザーズ・バンド Smile [4-DEBUT] 144 15 -
SPECIAL ENDING スペシャルエンディング Tap'n! Slap'n! Pop'n Music! Popper Head Rave girl [4] 140 21 -
BRIT POP ブリットポップ Girls Riot Political Trees Donna [3-3P] 210 22 -
Hidden Remixes
DANCE REMIX ダンスREMIX Hi-Tekno Millennium mix Hi-Tekno/Millennium Project JUDY [1-3P] 140 23 -
J-TEKNO REMIX J−テクノREMIX Quick Master Millennium mix act deft/Millennium Project SHOLLKEE [1-5P] 147 23 -
BONUS TRACK REMIX ボーナストラックREMIX すれちがう二人 Millennium mix aprésmidi/Millennium Project SANAE♥chan [1-3P] 143 24 -
POPS REMIX ポップスREMIX I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU ~僕らは完璧さ Single edit sugi & reo RIE♥chan [1-3P] 142 24 -

Revived Songs

The following songs from pop'n music 3 have been revived, all of them from pop'n music:

Song Title Genre
Baby, I'm yours REGGAE
Electronic Fill TECHNO POP
e-motion RAVE
El Pais del sol LATIN
monde des songe FANTASY
what i want DISCO QUEEN

Removed Song

The following song from pop'n music 3 has been removed:

Song Title Genre

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