CORE Signal

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CORE Signal

CORE Signal is lapix's third solo album, released at the Comiket 91 event under his MEGAREX label. It features several of his BEMANI works, both extended and remixed, lots of guests and a remix disc.

Album Information

CORE Signal
Artist lapix CORESignal.jpg
Release Date 12/31/2016
Catalog Number MRX-012
Published by MEGAREX
Disc 1
Title Artist From
02. Core Signal ft. Kanata.N lapix NEW
03. Morning Glow ft. kradness lapix NEW
04. Hi-TECHOLIC C-Show VS lapix NEW
05. Backflow (Extended) lapix SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS
06. Vital lapix NEW
07. Concept of Reality ft.Renko lapix NEW
08. NEXT LEVEL sky_delta VS lapix NEW
09. YOLO ft. Numb'n'dub lapix NEW
10. Lose Control (lapix Remix) Massive New Krew SPEED BALL EVOLUTION
11. Blue Love ft. YUC'e lapix NEW
12. Good Time ft. Mayumi Morinaga lapix NEW

Music & Produced by lapix
Tracks 01 and 05 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Track 04 co-produced with C-Show
Track 08 co-produced with sky_delta
Lyrics: Kent Alexander (02), lapix (03), Renko (07, 12), YUC'e (11)
Vocals: Kanata.N (02), kradness (04), Renko (07), Numb'n'dub (09), YUC'e (11), Mayumi Morinaga (12)
Guitar/Bass: Ishikawa Ukyo (12)

Disc 2
Title Remixer From
01. Inner Spirit (Maozon Remix) Maozon beatmania IIDX 23 copula
02. Discloze (Hommarju Remix) Hommarju SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS
03. NEO GRAVITY (BlackYooh vs. siromaru Remix) BlackYooh vs. siromaru SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS
04. Live Nor Die ft. Kanae Asaba (Nhato Remix) Nhato Ultra Hitech 02
05. Celebrate ft. shully (Snail's House Remix) Snail's House HARDCORE SYNDROME X
06. Go Crazy ft. Luschel & Kent Alexander (JAKAZiD Remix) JAKAZiD Ultra Hitech 01
07. Around The World (Dirty Androids Remix) Dirty Androids Perfect Comes
08. Survivor ft. Kent Alexander (Srav3R Remix) Srav3R Perfect Comes
09. CLIMAX (Dustvoxx Remix) Dustvoxx Perfect Comes
10. Beyond The Limits (Massive New Krew Remix) Massive New Krew Beyond The Limits

All tracks composed by lapix, track 9 co-produced with USAO.
Tracks 01-03 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Arrangement: Maozon (01), Hommarju (02), BlackY (03), Yooh (03), siromaru (03), Nhato (04), Snail's House (05), JAKAZiD (06), Dirty Androids (07), Srav3R (08), Dustvoxx (09), Massive New Krew (10)
Vocals: Kanae Asaba (04), shully (05), Luschel (06, 10), Kent Alexander (06, 08)
Mastered by DJ Noriken (SKETCH UP! Recordings)
Design by DJ POYOSHI (No Future Graphix / MEGAREX)

Special Thanks
Everyone who picks up this CD


  • CORE Signal's product page is the same one for BASS AVENGERS 001, the first release in a series of bass house compilations produced by lapix.
  • Inner Spirit (Maozon Remix) samples part of the melody from Maozon's Damage Per Second, from beatmania IIDX 23 copula. This might be a reference to both Damage Per Second and Inner Spirit originating from the same game.

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