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Mobile Release

This page is for the mobile version of GITADORA, the companion app for the GITADORA arcade game. For ギタドラ!GUITARFREAKS 4thMIX & drummania 3rdMIX, please see this page.


Release Information

  • Release Dates:
    • iOS: 02/21/2013 (Version 1.0.0), 08/19/2013 (Version 3.0.0)
    • Android: 08/27/2013 (Version 3.0.0)

General Information / Changes

Current version: 3.1.3 (iOS and Android)

  • First released as an application to unlock LIVE hidden songs in the arcade release of GITADORA by playing different mini-games, until version 3.0.0 (released on July 10th, 2013), when it was changed to a touch-based release of the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series.
  • After completing some Campaigns and playing Quest/Street songs for the first time, you can get Gitadrops (ギタドロップ). These Gitadrops can be used for the Lucky OTOBEAR unlocking method, and to enable certain modifiers before each song.
  • GITADORA (Mobile) does not contain any GITADORA Tri-Boost songs added after March 30th, 2016.
  • GITADORA (Mobile) was removed from the App Store on December 15th, 2016.
    • Songs are no longer sold anymore, as of November 14th, 2016.

Song List

Quest Mode

Formerly known as Garage Mode. Clearing a song will unlock the next one. Some songs have branches which require some special conditions to advance.


Quest mode gitadora.png

Unlockable Songs

Code Song Title Artist
Main Road
1-01 優勢オーバードーズ PON
1-02 隅田川夏恋歌~納涼mix seiya-murai feat.ALT
1-03 concon~INAReMIX~ S-C-U with OJ
1-04 キルト Des-Sana+wpt9
1-05 情熱 fun! fun! YAMATO組
1-06 凛として咲く花の如く 虹色リトマス
1-07 Orange Flower Garden 肥塚良彦
1-08 星夢 Dormir
1-09 Restart SHOGO
1-10 ヒカリ mao
1-11 田んぼの田 good-cool feat.すわひでお
1-12 衝動がえがいたどうしようもないストーリー 2B-Waves
1-13 Limitless Possibility AIKO OI
1-14 紅蓮の焔 劇団レコードfeat.浅葉リオ
1-15 DRAGON KILLER 96 vs. Mutsuhiko Izumi
1-16 幸せのかたち あさき
1-17 HYPER JET LAND 泉 陸奥彦
1-18 murmur twins (guitar pop ver.) yu_tokiwa.djw merge scl.gtr
1-20 三毛猫JIVE&ジャイブ 小野秀幸
2-05 Branch (requires a KONAMI ID)
2-05 walk with you TOMOSUKE feat.Jazzin' park
2-06 クリーンクリーン ブラックカプセル
2-07 AREA 51 96
3-10 Branch (requires a KONAMI ID)
3-10 三度笠ポン太は今日も行く 荒牧陽子
3-11 Pink Bird 肥塚良彦
3-12 Piece of History TAG
2-15 Branch (requires 50 Gitadrops)
2-15 ナキムシの凱旋 PON
2-16 明鏡止水 - Stop The Fire Mix Sota Fujimori feat. Mutsuhiko Izumi
2-17 Vampire Killer 浅田 靖
3-20 Branch (requires 100 Gitadrops)
3-20 Jailbreak Kozo Nakamura
3-21 Polaris Mutsuhiko Izumi
3-22 Shake and Shout!! 伊藤賢治

Street Songs

Street songs are only available until a certain date. Afterwards, they are locked, and you can unlock them again by buying 4 of them on Collection Mode. One new song appears and one song is locked per day, at 12:00pm JST. As with Quest unlocks, clearing one song will unlock the next available.

For a complete list of every Street song available in GITADORA (Mobile), as well as their original dates on which they were added, please see this page.

The following songs are currently unlockable:

Song Title Artist Added in Locked in
I'm so Happy (Rockin' ver.) Ryu☆ 11/06/2014 11/13/2014
Big Wave Atsuki 11/07/2014 11/14/2014
ROCKIN' PARADISE Thomas Howard Lichtenstein 11/08/2014 11/15/2014
jet coaster☆girl TOMOSUKE feat. Three Berry Icecream 11/09/2014 11/16/2014
Homesick Pt.2&3 ORANGENOISE SHORTCUT 11/10/2014 11/17/2014
しっぽのロック 板橋ギャング 11/11/2014 11/18/2014
A.DOGMA あさき 11/12/2014 11/19/2014


Available in the Mall (モール) is the Lucky OTOBEAR (ラッキーオトベア) option. By using 10 Gitadrops, you can unlock a random song of the current Lucky OTOBEAR Volume. The songs unlocked via Lucky OTOBEAR are unlocked permanently.

After Vol.5, Lucky OTOBEAR started again from Vol.1 the next month.

Vol.1 (03/01/2014 - 03/31/2014)

Song Title Artist
MODEL DD4 Mutsuhiko Izumi
cockpit Jimmy Weckl
Atalante Kozo Nakamura
鏡花水月楼 (GFDM EDITION) TЁЯRA feat.宇宙戦隊NOIZ
Love☆Carnival Atsuki
Right on time (Ryu☆Remix) Ryu☆
タイムカプセル 肥塚良彦
Graviton TIME CAPSULE Lab.
Cosmic Hurricane (GFDM ver.) TAG feat. Mutsuhiko Izumi

Vol.2 (04/01/2014 - 04/30/2014)

Song Title Artist
MODEL DD5 Mutsuhiko Izumi
Purple storm Trick Trap
ATOMS Rotten Blotch
Dynamis 千本松 仁
four-leaf Sis Bond Chit
Icicles Jimmy Weckl
天庭 おとこのこ編 あさき
Excavation Damage 浅田 靖
Adverse Criticism 浅田 靖
MODEL DD10 Mutsuhiko Izumi

Vol.3 (05/01/2014 - 05/31/2014)

Song Title Artist
MODEL DD7 Mutsuhiko Izumi
JJ-road JJ-road
ミラージュ・レジデンス Jimmy Weckl
Jungle Mutsuhiko Izumi with Jimmy Weckl
No Way For One Will TeeJayz,inc.
Bangin' Breaks Sota Fujimori
夢について TYPE C 小野秀幸 feat. 岡本裕美
Xenon 千本松 仁
ROCKET MAN Mutsuhiko Izumi

Vol.4 (06/01/2014 - 06/30/2014)

Song Title Artist
MODEL DD3 Mutsuhiko Izumi
To the IST Glancer
この子の七つのお祝いに あさき
Aithon Kozo Nakamura
Desert Rose Kozo Nakamura
極東史記 あさき
FORCE Interval Build 96
Eau Rouge Yosuke Onishi
blue moon Mutsuhiko Izumi
夢について TYPE B 小野秀幸 feat. 96

Vol.5 (07/01/2014 - 07/31/2014)

Song Title Artist
螺子之人 あさき
七福神 亜熱帯マジ-SKA爆弾
αρχη Dormir
MODEL DD8 Mutsuhiko Izumi feat. Marty Friedman
Catharsis Garden TËЯRA
Ascetic QUIXOTIK Meets kobo
I Want It All Benjamin Franklin
I can be!! Hiromixxx
Predator's Crypto Pt.2 96


To access the different campaigns, tap on the Campaign (キャンペーン) button at the main screen of GITADORA.

BEMANI App Starting Campaign! (アプリでビーマニはじめようキャンペーン!)

After tapping on this campaign banner, GITADORA (Mobile) will check that you have jubeat plus, ポップンリズミン and REFLEC BEAT plus installed in your device; if you do, Engraved Mark will be fully unlocked in Collection Mode.

beat gather Collaboration (beat gatherコラボ)

The following three songs can be added to Collection Mode by having installed beat gather in your device.

Also, by having GITADORA (Mobile) installed, you can download these three songs for play in beat gather.

Anti Pleasure ~kairaku shugisha no yuuutsu~ (Anti Pleasure ~快楽主義者の憂鬱~)

From July 2nd, 2014 to July 16th, 2014, the following licensed song was available for download for free:

jubeat plus, REFLEC BEAT plus, GITADORA x JAEPO campaign (jubeat plus・REFLEC BEAT plus・GITADORA × JAEPOキャンペーン)

The following song can be obtained introducing a serial code given at the JAEPO 2015 event.

Collection Mode

Collection Mode lets you play songs you've unlocked in Quest or Street Mode, as well as any song you've unlocked and played in the arcade version of GITADORA, GITADORA OverDrive, or GITADORA Tri-Boost provided you've purchased it on the mobile version, on any difficulty. Most in-game and cross-BEMANI event songs (save for some revivals), as well as ENCORE and PREMIUM ENCORE STAGES are eligible.

Licensed covers and most old KONAMI original songs can be purchased as well.

For a full list of locked GITADORA songs available, refer to the GITADORA, GITADORA OverDrive, and GITADORA Tri-Boost pages.

Note: songs added after March 30th, 2016 to GITADORA Tri-Boost are not available for purchase in GITADORA (Mobile).

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