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Song Information

666's NOVICE jacket.
666's ADVANCED jacket.
666's EXHAUST jacket.
666's MAXIMUM jacket.

Artist: RoughSketch
Composition/Arrangement: RoughSketch
BPM: 666
Length: 2:02
First Music Game Appearance: SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes


  • 666 is the Highest Excellence Award winning song of The 9th KAC Original Song Contest (The 9th KAC オリジナル楽曲コンテスト). It was unveiled in the final round of the SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE section of The 9th KONAMI Arcade Championship on February 8th, 2020.
    • It can be unlocked in SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE from February 27th, 2020 via the HEXA DIVER unlock system after unlocking all other HEXA DIVER -幻想御伽篇- songs, up to the highest difficulty unlocked.
    • When 666 was first shown in The 9th KONAMI Arcade Championship final, the NOVICE jacket was used when it was played under MAXIMUM. It received a new set of jackets when the song was available for all players.
  • 666 represents Little Red Riding Hood.
  • 666 is the first SOUND VOLTEX song in which a Live2D-animated character appears in the background during gameplay.
    • Halfway through 666, the lane tilts forward until it covers the entire background. Then it is sliced by Kureha in the background to reveal the lane back in its normal position.
    • The character, Kureha, splits the lane in half near the end of 666.
  • 666 holds the record for the third fastest constant BPM in all BEMANI games, at 666 BPM, beaten by MAYHEM in SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE, at 998 BPM, and by 777 in SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR, at 777 BPM.
  • 666 is the first KONAMI Arcade Championship Final Round song to not be effected by PHQUASE.
  • 666 ranked #1 in the BEMANI Fan Site CHECK!SONGS Monthly Ranking list for February 2020.
  • Three six-shaped patterns are located throughout 666's MAXIMUM chart.
  • 666 is available in SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR コナステ from December 1st, 2021, by purchasing the Konasute SOUND VOLTEX Music Pack vol.15 (コナステ版 SOUND VOLTEX 楽曲パック vol.15).
  • 666 appears as selectable background music in CHASE CHASE JOKERS (チェイスチェイスジョーカーズ).

Song Production Information


H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-hello! Good day! This is RoughSketch!
I'm glad to be selected for The 9th KAC Original Song Contest!!
For The 9th KAC, I tried to make a solid, speedy song!!
If you turn the "9" clockwise 180 degrees, it turns into a "6"!
So, to help with this shady image of The 9th KAC, the BPM is the ominous number 666!
Please read it as "six-six-six"! It's not read as "mumumu"!
Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thank you very much-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch!!!!!!!!!

Difficulty & Notecounts

SOUND VOLTEX difficulty rated from 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki.)

Game Level
Max Chain 1555 2264 3249 4151 -
Effected By Diabolos CRAZY KID Diabolos CRAZY KID Diabolos CRAZY KID Diabolos CRAZY KID -
Jacket Artists デーモン・スティンガー デーモン・スティンガー デーモン・スティンガー デーモン・スティンガー -
SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE→Present 8 15 18 20 -
SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR コナステ 8 15 18 20 -
The 9th KACオリジナル楽曲コンテスト
Highest Excellence Award 666
Excellence Award 9TH5IN - ЯeviveR - VVelcome!! - 色を喪った街
Prize Award GEMINI LA2ER - Katharsis - LubedeR - †:OLPHEUX:† - Redshift 2nd Ignition - Яe:son D'être - SAMURAI TIGER
ZEИITH - 春告胡蝶 - ミュージックプレイヤー
Accepted Songs Blessing Bouquet - Defining Future - eternite - Ethereal Lotus - Innocent - Lazurite - le coeur patissiere - Me:Tear
MICHIZURE - Non RolicK!!大冒険 - Thank you for your playing music - Valkyrja ~Aldrlag~ - who I am
Φnd:you - 濁色踊るオートマタ - 星の詩 - おどりましょうよ!ドラゴンさん ~転生したらゲーム曲でした~
HEXA DIVER -幻想御伽篇- 666
9TH5IN - ЯeviveR - 色を喪った街
HEXA DIVER -狂騒サーカス篇- VVelcome!!
LubedeR - †:OLPHEUX:† - Redshift 2nd Ignition
GEMINI LA2ER - Яe:son D'être - 春告胡蝶 - ミュージックプレイヤー
Calamity Tempest - Daisycutter - ΛΛemoria - 飄える翼追い掛けて
apo:llioth - With It This Heaven?
EncorE & cALL - AμreoLe ~for Triumph~ - ZEUS
Wings to fly high - AIM HIGHER - All for One
HEXA DIVER -アザレアの使命篇- MixxioN
Rhapsody ⚙f Triumph - 十の試煉 - Xb10r
refluxio - - 火狐之舞
HEXA DIVER -暁光の翼篇- Bl∞min'
Avalanx - LaµreLs ~the Angelus~ - すべてが幻になった後で
Grandeur - Stairway to the sun - 極夜、暁を望んで
HEXA DIVER -宵闇の翼篇- いまきみに
Fαtα∠ Ent∠mEnt - VɅZiLiSQ - 赫焉
Lost Parliament - STIGMA - 光風霽月
Breakneck Pursuit - Spectacular“V”Adventure!
BLISS - ΣMERGENCY CODΣ - Marielle - 忘れないように、失くさないように
HEXA DIVER -彩虹の銀幕篇- HeaveИ's Rain
and After the Merry BADEND - Undead Raving Scare
Enter The Rave - SHARK IMPACT - 十三不塔 - リュミレイラ
Burst Λnd reBoost - OVEЯ+TUЯE
=∴NOMADE∵OTION= - TOKAKU=ALMiRAJ - 随神 - レインボウ・フレーバー